WARNING: This game is bad for you

US Video Games could get cigarette style warnings

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ugabugaz3797d ago

Ridicoulous. I guess we should put warning stickers on everything then. The goverment should stop trying to protect people from themselves. I've grown up playing what I wanted and watched what I wanted and it hasn't affected me in the slightest.

SixZeroFour3797d ago

exactly and if that bill or whatever it is passes, then they better not be hypocrites and put that "warning" on all tv shows and movies, hell, there better be a little warning on all cutlery (besides spoons) cause being exposed to all of those could incite violence

QuodEratDemonstrandm3797d ago

Did these congressmen find a CAUSAL link between violent games and violent behavior? Or was it just a correlation? Is it not possible that the violent tendencies in some of these people are attracting them to the violent video games? You can't really expect a kid who likes torturing small forest critters to play Hannah Montana.

This congressman apparently has no background in any science, particularly not psychology. He needs to learn the difference between correlation and causality.