This is why PC gamers should stay away from

Did you know that the Xbox is more powerful than 85% of all the (billions) of computers out there? Or that Real-Time-Strategy games are actually “turn based” and popular on the PCs because they’re “Single player”. These are just a few gems amidst the treasure of knowledge about computer gaming that you’ll discover at the brilliantly reliable

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SuperStrokey11232908d ago

Rawr im a "journalist" that wants hits by bashing on a more popular webpage...

meetajhu2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

i effin hate gametrailers. When i saw this video it was hilarious and also created more Rage against GT. How in the flying fk could Gametrailers compare Crysis with MW2?

grailly2908d ago

the montage is hilarious, but I don't think you can take pachter's statements and say they're GT's. Though it is true that GT doesn't really care much about PCs.
and the statement that PS3 is more powerful than 90% of PC is wrong, but it surely isn't too far off, it's still more powerful than all the netbooks and laptops and quite a few desktop PCs , which is at least half of the PCs.

@meetajhu GT didn't compare MW2 to crysis, it's just a montage of their reviews of the two games

brianleppez2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

Well, actually gametrailers gave WoW biggest game of the decade. Starcraft and Civ V won several Game of the Year Awards. WoW won best expansion. so yeah.

inveni02908d ago

Technically, the PS3 IS more powerful than 90% of PCs. You can read the numbers and see that. Except, when I say PCs, I'm talking about the PCs people buy for personal use in their home. The CELL BE still has more floating point power than any CPU available for your desktop. It's just that gamers are so fast to think that the PC is awesome, they forget about their sister's laptop, their grandma's e-Machine, etc.

Model2908d ago

if the cell is so powerfull why arent sony exclusives developed primarily on the ps3 all 1080p60fps ?

meetajhu2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )


You have no sense of hardware and software i can understand that from your comment. So pls stop arguing about Cell B.E here after.Cell is not even fast as Intel Atom its a Power PC cpu which is efficient but not powerful if u really think CELL is powerful Splinter Cell double agent would have run at 1080p on PS3 without a hicup but it didn't, it barely made 30fps at 720p with reduced graphics while a PC with [email protected] and 7800ghz was almost maxed out except shadow quality and was running it at [email protected] and don't blames devs that they don't know anything on how to port or program for PS3 and PS3 is hard develop(i agree) coz of low level lang and api and having no framework but there is advantage of low level, you have direct access to hardware this is where every Sony console shines yet the wern't able to make a proper multi-platform games that runs properly till date you can't call it careless as games are multi million budget and devs try there best to push there game engine to its limits with the consoles hardware yet the IBM cpus are just useless. This may hurt fanboys but to justify there purchase i can't call PS3 or 360 as powerful devices until they equipped with proper x86 or x64 cpus.

inveni02908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

You guys aren't really that stupid, are you? The only reason PCs can do what they do is because of the power of the GPU. The GPU in the PS3 is crap. Have you ever tried building a graphics engine for a CPU? It's incredibly difficult. A CPU and a GPU are wired very differently. Put a 7800GT in with your Intel i7, and tell me if you're still running at 1080p60fps. You won't be...I guarantee it. But, put a GT570 in with your Core 2 Duo, and you'll be able to run much better than the other way around.

P.S. I'm a software engineer. I've built on PC and PPC. The same general rules apply to both.

radphil2908d ago

"P.S. I'm a software engineer."

Pics or it didn't happen.

meetajhu2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )


I need to stop arguing with you. PS3 GPU is crap? Oh really tell that to a GPU released before Nov 2006. Software Engineer? Organizations continue to hire the wrong people, but who work as slaves to them. How could you possibly bring a current gen GPU into this conversation?


ahahahah owned!

Wenis2908d ago

I actually agree with xbox/ps3 being more powerful than 85% of PCs out there. Honestly, just think of how many shitty Dell computers with Celeron D processors are in people's homes.

Obviously a typical gaming pc is going to be better than a console, but in the vast sea of personal computers, high end gaming PCs are a minority. And a 15% minority sounds about right to me.

NCAzrael2908d ago


If you want to compare a gaming console which is designed specifically for gaming to EVERY PC currently in use, then yeah, 90% is about the correct number. Once you take away the millions of PCs used in offices around the world as well as all the cheap systems used in schools or by people just browsing the internet, you get a different number.

Compare a gaming PC, even one built on a budget, to a PS3 or 360, and I guarantee you won't come up with anything close to that. I can build you a system capable of running any game at decent settings for under $500. PCs don't have to cost an arm and a leg to run games at decent quality. Granted, if you want to play a PC game with all the bells and whistles, you're going to have to pay a bit more, but even a $500 machine will run Call of Duty or any other console game as well as, if not better than, a console.

Now, as I always say, I love my consoles. But I love my PC as well. I'm a gamer, not a console fanboy, not a PC fanboy. I own multiple consoles, multiple hand-helds, a high end PC, and a mid ranged gaming laptop. My consoles get just as much use as everything else, but some games just work better, not to mention look better, on my PC.

The Cell processor is a great idea in theory, but if it was truly capable of doing what it was expected to do, we'd see a rush of Cell PC processors flooding the market. Obviously that didn't happen, because Cell doesn't conform to standard PC architecture, which is why it is so hard to develop for. As much as I love Sony and the PS3, I truly hope they go back to a standard multi-core setup for the PS4, otherwise I see a lot more of the same as far as sub-par 360-to-PS3 ports and lower install base due to reduced sales.

And to be fair, the 360 is just a cheap mass-produced PC for the living room with a custom OS and user friendly UI.

inveni02908d ago

That's exactly what I was saying. But you've proven to me that PC users may just be so self centered that they actually thought Pachter was saying that the PS3 was better than 90% of gaming PCs...which we know would be a totally insane thing to say.

Ducky2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

^ It's an insane thing to say anyways since if he included every single PC out there, then all he's doing is uttering an irrelevant statistic.
What's the point in including all the PCs which aren't even built for gaming purposes? O.o

It could be that most PC users are self-centered but his comment makes more sense if we assume that he's trying to compare the consoles with gaming-computers.

Doesn't matter much anyways since anyone who follows gaming knows Pachter is insane.

Though you're right about the Cell/CPU/GPU thing. =)

Dude4202908d ago

@ inveni0

Sorry, but your claim of the PS3 being better than 90% of gaming PCs is quite ridiculous. There was an article last year about AMD selling around 6 million of the ATI 5000 series in the first quarter of 2010, that's roughly 3 months.

Now that's just the 5000 series cards, which means that the figure doesn't include all the nVidia cards and the other ATI cards such as the top end 4000 series cards. Plus there are the new waves of GPUs that just came out. Factor all these in and you can kiss that 90% claim goodbye.

So please, think before you pull that crap out your arse again.

DeFFeR2908d ago

@FatOldMan - apparently you don't read much of Patchers stuff...errr crap, then do you?

Patcher talks out his ass to keep himself "relevant"

He's been talking of Pay-to-Play CoD multiplayer since CoD4 - [email protected], MW2, BLOPS were all "to have pay-to-play" says Patcher. Games to retail for $80 in 2008, DLC to cost $60 in 2010, MS Handhelds to be more powerful than 360 and cost $99, the list goes on and on and on...

DORMIN2908d ago

GT is a terrible site.

If you want HQ video without ads in your face every second go to Gamersyde.

And don't get me started on their "reviews"

Sarcasm2908d ago

"if the cell is so powerfull why arent sony exclusives developed primarily on the ps3 all 1080p60fps"

When games are played in higher resolutions, it relies more on the GPU. Particularly the amount of VRAM.

The CPU on the other hand is meant to calculate things like physics, AI, processing inputs etc.

So it doesn't matter if you have an extremely powerful CPU, if you want to achieve 1080p 60fps+, you need a powerful GPU. Simple as that.

The GPU in the PS3 is pretty outdated by today's standards. But it's still shocking they can pull games like GoWIII, Uncharted, Killzone etc.

jetlian2908d ago

flaw in this article is they are taking quotes from several years of videos. the crysis talk was in the review video.

which at the time of release did need a 5000+ pc to get max graphics.

Legion2908d ago

If you are talking about gaming machines then the percentage is probably not correct. But if you count all the computers in the world then I would say it is under estimated. Think of all the computers in the world and I would say the vast majority of them do not even have a good gaming compatible graphics card installed.

Majority of PCs are for business applications. Gaming is a small fraction of the PC business.

RadicalDreamer2908d ago


Inveni0 never made the claim that the PS3 was faster than 90% of gaming PCs, so you're a moron.

So try thinking before you post stupid crap. Bubble down.

Nikhil2907d ago


It's a very valid comparison. Not everyone has the money to buy a super-expensive gaming PC. A lot of people just play games on their regular desktop. Kids play games on their parent's non-gaming computers. I hardly think it's a stretch to say more people game on an average computer than a gaming computer.

jony_dols2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

My 4 year old PS3 is still more powerful than my 3 year old desktop and my year old laptop.

Although I wish I had a good rig to play Crysis 2 on top specs...

Damn, I need to get a cheaper hobby!

Dac2u2907d ago

Pachter: "I know you don't think I know anything about PC, but I spend more time playing PC games than any other genre."

Wow, I didn't know they went ahead and made a PC it's own genre of game.

tacosRcool2907d ago

Crysis that is on low settings! Gametrailers epically fails. BTW when they said that the 360 and the PS3 where 85% and 90% faster than all the the PCs out there, there are still way more PCs that are more powerful than the PS3 or the 360. Ex. 15% of billions is a ton of awesome pcs

Ifone2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Lol' intel atom...cell is used for supercomputers, army supercomputer, mediczl resezrch with low cost, it's probably because it's really powerfull....and resolution don't make the best graphics and games, textures, ia, polygons, etc counts... stop arguing with stupids multiplztforms examples when way better graphics exists on ps3, 720 or 1080 (like gt5)

"Compare a gaming PC, even one built on a budget, to a PS3 or 360, and I guarantee you won't come up with anything close to that. I can build you a system capable of running any game at decent settings for under $500. "

Yeah sure, just show us man from 2015, because all i can see with my pc on the same tv, it's so close that you czn't even tzlk about "better", and i only talk about mulyi, like dead space, biodhock, mmo... Nothing us better than best ps3 exclusives, even with more aa or better resolutuion, world if warcraft and other ugly games don't become pretty.

Ifone2907d ago

The thing is that even when $$$ pc are more powerfull than a ps3, games that use that power come 3,4 years after, when more pc gave that kind of power....and soon after that : new consoles with more power for gaming than best pc come.

By the way, don't use ps3/360 association, since the first one is more powerfull and has exclusives that can compete with best pc games, but not the other...

Dee_912907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

i see it like this
i buy a computer out of staples completely stock
i buy a ps3 out target completely stock
IF you could change or update the ps3 hardware like you could a PC
which would need the most updating ? and cost more to play games at max settings

thats a real question btw
im curious

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HolyOrangeCows2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

The only good thing about GT is third party content (AVGN, now Mega64, EpicBattleAxe, etc). GT has almost NOTHING good original content (Except for every other of those game myth thingies).

GT couldn't get anymore Xbox-centric if it tried. Their reviews are LOADED with double-standards that favor any game on the 360.
Remember when they did all of that defense work on their double-standards that they used against Uncharted 2?
Uncharted 2; "ZOMG NOT ORIGINAL and 'bad' platforming (LOL, the footage they used was hilarious in how terrible they were at it)"
MW2; "!!&a mp;q uot;
The community complained about the CRITICISMS and the PS3-hating trolls made it out to be complaints about the SCORE with their "LOLOLOL PSTREE fanbois 9.3" comments and signatures.

And their video player? Crap. and yet they're content with having a screwy player.

A truly sad site. I only visit for some of the faction's forums.

Spydiggity2908d ago

this isn't true at all. and have you ever listened to invisible walls? it's basically constant ps3 praise.

InfiniteJustice2907d ago

Then just about every other GOTY 2009 award went to Uncharted 2, while GT gave it to MW2... and looked rather stupid

Ifone2907d ago

Only fanboys can't see the obvious bias...just check moves games revuews and others exclusives, then compare it to metacritic..bam. (like edge and some others)

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hiredhelp2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

and whats up with that costing $5 thousand for pc. crap
BS,ive been building custome computers for years. yes the ps3 has a very underated processor.

but do not compare to a quad or i7 cos not same structure.
as for a ps3 xbox being soo much better than most computers.
he he hits is the only thing this guy wants.

tell you what take a quad processor out of a system thats been on for a hour and shuve it up your A**. is this really gametrailers or a joke ca'mon.?

El_Colombiano2908d ago

To be fair, I remember an article saying how the Cell out performed an i7 in Linux when it came to video encoding.

chad22hkd2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

This argument is insane. Why are we comparing the cpu, of ps3 and most pcs? It's the whole hardware that matters. Yes the ps3 still has a very very powerful cpu. Which is rare for a console. So the ps3 does deserve some credit.Even for as old as the ps3 is, the it still is very powerful. But the gpu is weak compared to most gaming pc's. Also the amount of ram can not even come close to pc. But patcher is a complete idiot anyways. Why do you compare the ps3 to all pc's. Compare it to gaming pcs. All the pc in libraries and such are not used for gaming. It's like comparing a sports car to a truck.

ChrisW2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

I wish we could give thumbs down for stupid articles. That way despite the "HITS" it gets, I would would at least have the foresight to stay away from crap like this.

BTW, a very large number of PCs out there are NOT gaming PCs.

ash_divine2908d ago

ummm, I think alot of you guys misunderstood what invenio was saying. He's talking about every PC out there. Not just GAMING PC's (which are only a small portion of the PC's out there.)

If you take that into consideration, then what he says is true. I mean, do you guys really think that the PS3 isn't as powerful as your sister's notebook?

JsonHenry2907d ago

I don't care about their opinions. (I was not even aware they had them!)

I still will go to the site because they are an easily accessible source of the latest game videos.

PC gaming FTMFW!!!!

kevnb2907d ago

There is no good wepage for pc gamers. Everytime a web page gets popular it gets bought by a major media outlet and becomes console focused because that's where the microsoft/sony/nintendo advertising money comes from.

DeadlyFire2907d ago

Wtf is this? This is not gaming news. Why is it on N4G? I see nothing learned at all from this video. Just some people saying PC gaming sucks. That is not very interesting news article to read. Nothing really newsworthy in this article.

I vote this to trash bin.

PC games > Console games and someone is jealous. Its okay I only visit you for your videos which I still love to view. I care nothing for your insight or TV show.

ProGrasTiNation2907d ago

GT is one big hype site for the big boys,i use it for Invisible walls & the user movies.Jeff and his GTTV crew are shit at asking questions & only serve to hype what ever game their talking about,Im not a journalist but if i was i would hate hate GT,dont knock it all do & espeicaly dont listen to the pack attack,he is always talking shit

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lailashaikh2908d ago

And some of their reviews.

AndrewRyan2908d ago

Their reviews too. They said Uncharted 2 was unoriginal and gave it a 9.3 and yet gave MW2 a 9.5.

meetajhu2908d ago

MW2 had better Story but Uncharted 2 is zillion times better game than MW2 shit

im-12-years-old2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )


"MW2 had better Story"

ALLL MYYY HATTTTEE!!!! did you just say that?!?

Korix2908d ago

Are you INSANE!? You have time to say anything you want, and you choose to say that MW2 has a better STORY than UC2?
MW2 is a generic war fps that does everything it tries perfectly, but it doesn't try to do many things at all.
UC2 on the other hand.. wow... A fantastic game that tries so much, and succeeds almost perfectly on so many areas.

CoLD FiRE2908d ago

@meetajhu MW2 has a story? that's news in itself.

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Raendom2908d ago

You should go to their forums mr techspotlight. It's full of PC cave dwellers. I'm a huge PC gamer myself but seriously that forum can't go 3 threads without talking about how Crysis is the second coming.

ugabugaz2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

It is a beutiful game though. I would mention Metro 2033 as well for being a graphics juggernaut.

Christopher2908d ago

I'll give it that Metro 2033 has some beautiful textures, but other than that it really does nothing to impress.

That's the problem with most games out there. People just look at the texture resolution and call it a day. There's so much more to making a beautiful game.

Pandamobile2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )


When I think Metro, I think of the insane lighting, particles and shaders. Metro has a lot more going for it than just high res textures.

ATiElite2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

when it come to graphics I don't even talk about crysis any more, it's so old news.

Metro 2033 or STALKER Call of Pripyat w/ complete mod or Arma II with the ACE mod 2 is way better IMHO becuase you get weather and all kinds of textures, not just palm trees. Besides I've seen Forged By Chaos and it looks better than Crysis 2 even though it uses the same Cryengine 3 but it's 100% PC DX11.

SuperStrokey11232908d ago

Yep, there are loads of PC only gamers there. Its just one point of view, they have stated several times that they are not PC gamers and that they focus solely on the console experience. They are very clear about this...

hoops2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )


"That's the problem with most games out there. People just look at the texture resolution and call it a day. There's so much more to making a beautiful game."

The irony is when games from the Xbox360 and PS3 are compared to each other ONLY, all you hear about from Xbox and PS3 fanboys IS ABOUT TEXTURES.
How low or high they are compared to the console they hate or love etc.
How it makes the game look so much better and real...adds to the environment and detail etc. Textures...Textures...Textures ...

However when textures are mentioned in PC gaming in a same situation compared to console games, 99% of those same exact people as above quote pretty much what you just said. That textures do not matter. It does not make the game beautiful etc. It's not the only thing...
Funny how it matters only with console games being compared to other console games of opposing systems and not being compared to the same PC game. That's when textures MAKE a game look beautiful etc. LOL
All one has to do is go into a Uncharted 2/3 or KZ2/3 or Gears of War 2/3 thread and see this for yourself of this massive hypocrisy that would make Sarah Palin Ripe with envy.


The bottom line is TEXTURES are HUGELY important whether its the PS3, XBOX360 or PC. Then when you add in Tessellation that these GPU's have that these consoles do not, the gap widens in graphic fidelity.

mushroomwig2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

I'm not even a PC gamer and I still have the intelligence to stay away from Gametrailers,

Remember the time when they switched the Grid comparison videos and had the nerve to say the 360 had better crashes when in fact they were using PS3 footage?

Ducky2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

...Or 2009's GOTY.
Dare anyone to watch it without raging. :D

Though I find most of it amusing.

sprayNpray2908d ago

Watched it, agreed with game trailers. MW2 was a really fun game. Much better than black ops or World at war.

MeNoRasta2908d ago


So because GT didnt pick a ps3 exclusive for the goty 2 years ago ppl hate on them?
LOL i aint defending anyone/anything but i knew ps3 fanboys are the worst in gaming history but hating game reviewers for not having the same opioion as yourself is just well stupid.
Its like ps3 only owners share brains lol and they say blonde girls are dumb.

Scotland-Tha-Brave2908d ago

@menorasta hes actually an xbox 360 fanboy, so your point is moot

Ducky2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

^ Err... I don't own an xbox. Never have, never will... unless XBL ever becomes free.


Wait, who said anything about them not picking a PS3 exclusive? O.o

You made that assumption, then assumed I'm a ps3 fanboy. Good job.

Now, why did I post that video? Because the video starts with this:
"To become a nominee, you can not be a one trick pony. Glossy on the outside, ugly on the inside, or rely on the tried and true. The mold must be broken, the envelope must be pushed."

And the winner was picked as MW2 when it defies all those points.

vickers5002908d ago

"Much better than black ops or World at war."


rbrtchng2908d ago


This is why you only have 3 bubbles.

mp12892908d ago

haha, it is amusing to seem try to rationalize their decision for not picking U2.

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DenyTheFacts2908d ago

There's one reason everyone should stay away from GT, It's filled with PS fanboys.

Godmars2902908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

And yet here you are bashing another site for its population.