Sony Is Indeed Open To Bring PlayStation Suite To Other Platforms, Including iOS

SCE CEO Kaz “Ridge Racer” Hirai talked around in a roundtable discussion after the event.

"We have a completely open stance. With carriers and with hand set makers,” Hirai said according to "There are a variety of OSes,” he said. “But we're focusing first on Android. There's also Windows, iOS and so forth, but we don't have the resources to make it compatible with everything from the start."

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NeutralGamer3797d ago

Did Kaz Hirai just talk about getting it to Windows Phone 7?

Dude this once again proves that behind the gaming curtains MS and Sony are friends XD

sinncross3797d ago

Well potentially yes. They're hoping to market PS Suite as a premium service of gaming content.

RememberThe3573797d ago

I don't see it going to Windows Phone 7, only because it's has Xbox Live integration, and they probably don't want to undermine their branding.

pain777pas3797d ago

I said this before. While MS was boasting about live they should have pitched it to Sony. Now, VAIO runs Windows 7. SONY and MICROSOFT are partners already and have been for years. In areas where they compete the go hard but they will partner up when necessary. Potentially Crash, Spyro, and FF classics could go on a W7 device and Android will have yet another feather in its cap for the mobile OS market. iOS getting PSuite is unfair but business is business and if iOS get it... you know the rest.... $$$!

DA_SHREDDER3797d ago

iOS? Isn't that ipad/phone OS?

sinncross3797d ago

Yeah it is. Interesting move to if Sony pursues it. The core reasoning behind going with Android was that the Android OS lacks a stable gaming service of sorts.

Once PS Suite proves viable on Android, Sony will definitely spread it to other OS's.

Raendom3797d ago

Can't see it happening for iOS. Other than Cydia there are no alternative stores. And Cydia's only available via Jailbreaking the device. Sony wouldn't make PS Suite for jailbroken iDevices...

RememberThe3573797d ago

PS Suite is really only a quality standard. If it's successful on Android, Apple could be inclined to give Sony an iTunes space from which they both would benefit.

kneon3797d ago

Yes, but depending on how they implement this it may not be allowed on IOS, and maybe not Windows phone 7 either. If it's viewed as a new runtime such as Flash or a JVM then they won't allow it.

Apple doesn't want you to be able to get apps anywhere other than their app store and things like Flash, Java and maybe the PSS will do that.

Stealth20k3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

This is old news. and anything done with this is just goign to be put on the ngp anyway............ Right now its psx classics and maybe eventually some home grown games that will be on the ngp

So its pretty much not that exciting

klado3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Yeah it is, as the future comes, so will this service grown, imagine the offering of classic like god of war 1/2 on androids platforms 1 years or two from now?

Then there comes another classics like uncharted 2, 5 to 10 years from now, who knows, the fact is, this service is more exciting move than anything any gaming company had made in a long time.

Why you ask? simply, it's intended to break the limit between others none gaming devices,(imagina playing classics in your Tv alone) that is, if Pssuite is successful enough which is more likely to taking in account how the Appstore had found its way to this gaming market.

silvacrest3797d ago

Believe it or not but the PS suite will probably generate more revenue then the ngp so it is a big deal

Sony will ptobably sell the ngp at a loss for a while; while the PS suite will cost practically nothing and development of future titles will be far less compared to the average console counterpart. Plus its available to millions on day one

You can keep trying to down play the suite but logic will defeat you

Soldierone3797d ago

I hope it doesn't go to iOS. Google should pay a few pennies to keep it exclusive, and have something extremely big to brag about. Otherwise it will just get pushed aside.

I doubt it goes to Windows Phone either. Unless MS has absolutely no plans to release a handheld device and it wont be fully compatible with Xbox. it will be extremely restricted if it does make it though.

KillingAllFanboys3797d ago

Why so much hate on iOS gosh 0_0, I mean I have an Ipod Touch and Andriod 2.1 Motorola BackFlip which sucks, but you dont see me saying bad things about Andriod because of one phone, at least use the Iphone before making fun of it. I dont care you hate it or not but don't join the band wagon just because a lot of people hate it. But I would like to come to iOS it would be nice!!

Optical_Matrix3797d ago

Definitely. It's cool to hate on Apple these days though apparently. I'm not their biggest fan. I think their products are overpriced, and they don't exactly innovate. But I've been an Macbook Pro user since September and no way would I go back to using Windows. Being a graphic design student, Macs are just vastly superior. But that's besides the point, quit the Apple hate. Because most of you use Windows no doubt, and Microsoft imo are a more disgusting company than Apple will ever be.

MisterAV3797d ago

a closed system? no thanks
I have an ipad and an ipod, both presents. And I don't like them. You can do only what apple permits and apple doesn't like you can even delete a photo from the iDevice...

klado3797d ago

Why isn't the appstore for android as well?


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