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yewles13795d ago

I wouldn't trust the Splinter Cells, they just may be straight up-rez's ports of the PS2 versions.

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Man In Black3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Better be the Xbox versions. PS2 versions were good, but no match for the Xbox versions. Hated how broken up the levels were.

Commander_TK3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

People here hate facts when u r critcizing about something Playstation related. Ah, gotta love the insecurity and sensitivity of the Sony fanboys...

Scotland-Tha-Brave3795d ago

^seems to me you are the one insecure and sensitive, why else would you mention one side and not the other?

turgore3795d ago

Agreed. People are so narrow minded here. Even Bin Laden is more open minded.

Vherostar3794d ago

There remastered so it dont matter if they ps2 versions the code etc can be fixed up.....

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kramun3795d ago

They had pc versions as well, they wouldn't need to port from consoles.

andrewsqual3795d ago

This guy hit the nail on the head. Yeah hopefully they will be the PC ones just ported over. What would be the point in trying to remaster the original PS2 versions of the games when they have it already in the PC versions?

Downtown boogey3794d ago

I reckon that's even easier, since PS3 is not anything like the PS2 AND Ubi already has the track record for PC-to-PS3 re-mastered ports with PoP.

Trroy3795d ago

More likely they are the PC versions.

xCaptainAmazing3795d ago

You can clearly see they used the Xbox/PC versions for the PS3 re-release. The shots of Chaos Theory have dynamic lighting and shadows, which were not present on PS2.

IcarusOne3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

The xbox version of Chaos Theory is the definitive stealth game of all time. First truly next gen game. My friends and I still play it on XBL from time to time. Great co-op. Very happy to see HD version coming to PS3.

Blaze9293795d ago

If they're porting the PS2 version of ANY Tom Clancy game then gtfo. They just weren't graphically inferior, they were pure garbage technically.

Better be the Xbox or PC versions being remastered.

Theonik3795d ago

Well given Ubisoft's track record i wouldn't be surprised if they were as half-assed as the PoP ones were. Of course i may give them the benefit of a doubt here but i have a bad feeling about this.

OhMyGandhi3794d ago

not to sound like an idiot, but will this include the multiplayer on pandora tommarow and chaos theory?
because if it does, I'd be more than happy to pluck 40 dollars down for what I consider to be the most exciting multiplayer around.

solidt123794d ago

I really enjoyed Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

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killyourfm3795d ago

3D? Even with the up-rez, I can't see this being awesome in 3D.

White-Sharingan3795d ago

Why not? 3DS doesn't have the graphical capabilities of an HD console and people don't seem to mind.

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Warprincess1163795d ago

Im definitely not buying the splinter cell trilogies.If they could get rid of that stupid three alarm in the first two games. Then i might buy it.

xCaptainAmazing3795d ago

That's an awfully lame reason not to get it if you actually want it. It was more challenging with the 3 alarm system and I honestly wish they would have kept it.

SactoGamer3795d ago

Xbox 360 gets hosed (so far) but we'll see if Ubisoft decides to release an XB version later on.

xstation793795d ago

Not true, I have all those splinter cell games and they work fine on my 360. They are upscaled a little in graphics as well, but I would't mind having this collection just to see how good they look in blu-ray.

frjoethesecond3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Upscaled and re-mastered are not in the same league.

Compare GOW2 on PS3 to GOW collection. GOW collection ftw!

MarcusFenixITA3795d ago

yep ... I give u a bubble just cuz u said this and only got 1 bubble!

sp1deynut3795d ago

...the XBOX got the superior versions of these games the FIRST time they were released, because the PS2 simply couldn't handle them. And, unlike the PS2 versions, are all BC on the 360 already. Nice try though.

P_Bomb3795d ago

The XBox Splinter Cells didn't have achievements or 3D support. These three do, including better native resolution without upscaling. For posterity, these are the ones to get.

blumatt3795d ago

Hey, you took my profile pic. haha It's cool, man. Yeah the PS3 is truly starting to shine when it comes to games. Actually, it has been for the last 3 years, but 2011 is the best so far.