True Crime Hong Kong: New images

Activision is publishing and United Front Games is producing True Crime: Hong Kong for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Release date of a True Crime is a Second Quarter of 2011. We have new screenshots from this game.

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ATiElite3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

saw some video of this a while back and it looks to have potential but the controls seemed very clunky and it came off as a low budget GTAIV.

I hope I'm wrong but will wait and see, still researching it.

yess3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

The other True Crime games were great, another form of open world.
They had a lot of details and cool gameplay, without being a revolution.
The setting of Hong Kong makes me happy, and think this game will be good, judging from the other games of this series.

Also.. Not every Open world game have to be like GTA to be good

Edit: Here is some cool E3 gameplay and interview...

Freet shooly...LOL

ABizzel13790d ago

I have to say it looks good. But I need to know more about the story, and the gameplay before I add it to my radar.

Yi-Long3790d ago

... until I saw the vids and pictures. It doesn't really look or feel like Hong Kong. They just kinda did HK Island, which is only a small part of Hong Kong.

I have serious doubts about this game being any good.

gillri3790d ago

Im only interested in it cause its set in Hong Kong

makes a change form American crime games, this will have a different flavour

and hopefully a Shenmue-like flavour

yoshiro3790d ago

I dont know...the first 2 were meeh...

ABizzel13790d ago

Exactly what I'm think bubbles for the pic.