Release of the Week - Call of Duty: Black Ops – First Strike

It is a dry week when Games Are Evil has to put a DLC expansion up as the Release of the Week. Nonetheless, this is sure to sell like crazy.

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bgrundman3797d ago

This sure seems like the logical choice to me!

JohnApocalypse3797d ago

this is probably why there are no retail releases this week. There was nothing coming out the weeks MW2 DLC came out

x713HITSQUADx3797d ago

getting tired of black ops but oh well i guess ill get it

SpitFireAce853797d ago

Boby Kotick must be twisting your arm really
bad...ahhhahhhhhahhh yeah just give in.I
feel your suffering

PS.I had to its to funny

Freshnikes3797d ago

I'm gonna pass this up and get killzone3 ....if I had a 360 I would pick this up and play it for a month ohh well..enjoy it best cod game..just my opinion

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