5 Reasons NGP Will Thrive, And 5 Reasons It'll Die

The NGP was unveiled this past week and, despite lingering skepticism about Sony's portable gaming offerings, got an almost entirely warm reception. IG's sure that felt good for Sony, who had to follow up a press announcement by Nintendo the previous week about the 3DS and have endured months of leaks to the press about the device.

Still, the warm 'fuzzies' of announcement day won't last forever – the system will eventually release into the cold harsh consumer world, where it will automatically be judged against other electronic devices on the market. So, keeping other portable devices in mind, here's a list of five potential upsides for the NGP, along with five lurking pitfalls.

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donniebaseball3795d ago

Personally I don't see it "thriving" but it's definitely going to fare better than PSP. I'm already stoked for Uncharted on it.

deadreckoning6663795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Yeah, great way to put it. It will do better than the original PSP for obvious reasons...but it's not gunna topple the 3DS like HHG said.

The article makes very good points. One of them being that this is a deja vu scenario.

With the PSP and DS..the PSP was obviously the technically superior handheld as far as graphics and multimedia features...yet the DS dominated.

"The NGP is a step up from the PSP to be sure, but it doesn't really have that aura of something “revolutionary” - just something evolutionary.

To give an example of why this might be important, I think the reason why the Kinect has fared better than the Move so far has very little to do with it being a better device – it's just the fact that the concept of hands-free gaming seems more “advanced,” even if it really isn't."

Very well said and an excellent analogy. Move may be a more accurate ("better") motion device than Kinect, but the fact that Kinect is hands-free creates the ILLUSION that its "better" in the mainstreams eyes because the idea of playing with no controller offers a WOW factor.

Similarly, the 3DS offers glasses-free 3D and this creates the illusion that its a more powerful device than the NGP...when it really isn't.

Anarki3795d ago

I think it will do better than the 3ds. It has more appeal than the 3ds, better quality games aswell as motion gaming - which has clearly shown to be popular with the Wii. 2 thumb sticks, for first person shooters and a touch screen for the casuals.

I'm looking forward to this thing. I think it will be amazing, to say the least.



where have u been, its been long i saw ur comments? :)

Denethor_II3795d ago

"Similarly, the 3DS offers glasses-free 3D and this creates the illusion that its a more powerful device than the NGP...when it really isn't."

So you'll be getting NGP then.

Christopher3795d ago

Good comment dead.

***So you'll be getting NGP then. ***

Even though the PSP was a more "powerful" piece of technology, the DS resulted in more fun overall as well as complex gameplay. Just because NGP may be technically superior, it really comes down to price and fun factor.

There are simple $2.99 games on the iPhone that I've played for a lot longer than I've played some of the truly great games on both the PSP and NDS. It doesn't take technology to make it fun, it takes creativity and quality game design concepts, which are in no short supply in this age of gaming.

Game-ur3795d ago

pleas man not another consol war, why should we care who sells more as long as they are successful enough to establish a large fan base that will bring us games.

As for DS vs. PSP, the DS was better because Nintendo are great publishers, the best of the big 3 IMOO. Sony need to make great games that take advantage of the NGP specs themselves and not wait for 3rd party developers to do the work.

Enate3794d ago

cgoodno It all comes down to your taste at the end of the day. I played all of one game I really liked on the DS and that was TWEWY. While I played multiple rpgs I enjoyed heavily on my PSP. So in regards to one being more fun then the other that's just an opinion.

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Istanbull3795d ago

The NGP has everything I wanted and even more! Touchscreen, touch pad, 2 cameras, 2 joysticks. Seriously, it even got a microphone!

Trroy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

"Personally I don't see it "thriving" but it's definitely going to fare better than PSP"


If it does better than the PSP, it will have practically dethroned Nintendo as the handheld monarch, since they'll actually have to share the handheld kingdom with Sony. 60 million PSPs is nothing to scoff at -- especially when they cost more, and thus demand more revenue from the consumer to make the "same" numbers in-hand.

ABizzel13795d ago

If it's "definitely going to fare better than PSP", then how is that not thriving?

The PSP sold over 60 million, and if the NGP does more than that, then that shows Sony's handheld department is growing/thriving.

I think the NGP and 3DS sales race will be a lot closer this time around if the NGP launches at $299. I'd even go as far as to say the 3DS will sell a 100 - 120 million, and the NGP will sell over 80 million.

pain777pas3794d ago

NGP can do better than 3DS with a massive marketing push like Kinect. However, Sony is more word of mouth these days. NGP will sell more than the first PSP in NA and Europe for sure. 2 analog sticks will do that with a COD game. Japan it will do what the PSP is doing now because of 3G and Monster Hunter PSP1 day one. DS install base is too high for people to not want to upgrade. Sony will have to make it seem that everything the DS can do we do better without the 3D gimmick which may prove to be difficult to communicate to the average consumer. They need LBP and Modnation day one with powerful parental controls and communicate to parents how to use them.

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tacosRcool3795d ago

It'll do a lot better this time around

NoobSessions3795d ago

Good article, but still...

Day one.

KwietStorm_BLM3795d ago

I really wish these 'top 5' articles would stop getting approved.

Neko_Mega3795d ago

Not a phone? I don't think anyone buys a DS or PSP hoping it is a phone or can be used as one.

I think some of the Pro and Con are dumb, I'm getting NGP because of the games it has to offer and what it does. Nothing new is funny to, I'm guessing they didn't hear about being able to track friends?

Thecraft19893795d ago

I would hate to use it as phone or any gaming device for that matter. Because the battery dies thats it you can't use either.

Neko_Mega3795d ago

I try Skype on the PSP, you need a bluetooth for it not be pointless.

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