The Bungie Podcast 20/09/07: So Long!

The Final Bungie Podcast before the release of halo 3! The two hour long podcast features Marty O'Donnell, Joe Staten and Web Dev Lead Chris Gossett talking about a variety of stuff including the new B.Net and Statens new Halo novel, Contact Harvest. Go give it a listen!

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Daxx5064d ago


I'm actually a big fan of the Bungie podcast. I have almost all their podcasts on my iPod. ^_^

the worst5064d ago (Edited 5064d ago )

im been playing halo3 since last night
bioshock got nothing on this games
good work Bungie

still ps3 rules

p.s. i downloaded the game

why do i have 2 lie 4
i can tell what group put it up
but i have nothing 2 proof 2 you
anybody that know where downloading games
know its up 4 download

Bnet3435064d ago

My freidn from school has been playing Halo 3, he told me it hit the torrent sites already. He also told me MP doesnt work yet, but he ewas messing around on Forge

ShiftyLookingCow5064d ago

this is a special before release so I am going to take some time and listen. It will be the second podcast I will be listening to after the Gamers with Jobs one with Ken Levine which was awesome(it was worth the three hours time it took).

Monty_The_Great5064d ago

could you make some bullet points of what they say? It would be greatly appreciated.

Xi5064d ago

like most of them. Lots of razzing about frankie, and some stuff about the warthog crash. Talking about work with peter.

Daxx5064d ago (Edited 5064d ago )

Basically Halo 3 and will be intertwined with each other so that you can:
>view your stats for campaign and multiplayer (which are going to be very very detailed)

>Upload your game types that you've made with forge and post it so that others can download it. And people will be able to rate it (5 out of 5 sort of thing) and If you're gametype is good enough Bungie will reconmend it on their "Bungie Recomends" hub in Halo 3.

>View and share pictures you've uploaded.

And I'm forgetting a few things but I'll try and list them sooner or later.

EDIT: Oh, will have it's very own set of achievements but I have no details on what they would be.

FordGTGuy5064d ago

downloading now thanks :).

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