Guide to Gaming Videos on YouTube

Warp Zoned writes:

"Do you want all of the latest game trailers the second they’re released? Then pull up a stool and take a gander through Warp Zoned’s Guide to Gaming Videos on YouTube. Below, you’ll find the official YouTube Channels for more than 100 publishers and developers. And they run the gamut from the big guys (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) all the way down to small indie developers (The Behemoth, Dejobaan Games, Halfbrick Studios)."

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thealmighty13275d ago

Now if there was only one channel...

Wenis3275d ago

No kidding! This is like a list of 100 youtube channels lol. Needs a little condensing...

kagon013275d ago

Classic Game Room, no contest...

room4143275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

If you want to use your ps3 browser for youtube use You can watch vids in hd and it runs great. You can even download vids to your ps3 in hd.

MidnytRain3275d ago

I'll check this out. Youtube XL isn't as fully featured as I would like and standard Youtube has dysfunctional buttons. I could use this, so long as my PS3 doesn't get hacked or implanted with a bug.