First Look: Sega Rally Online Arcade (PSN, XBLA)- Gameplaybook

Sega Rally is making a return in downloadable form this spring, and Gameplaybook breaks it down for you in this early preview, baby!

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Yukino3728d ago

I love Sega Rally. I hope the Acrade/PSN version holds up well. Will wait for a demo before I make a decision on picking this up.

Yi-Long3728d ago

... but I LOVE Rallisport Challenge 2.

Really wish that game would be backwards compatible, OR get a HD-remake and a re-release.

hankmoody3728d ago

Demo first, then we'll see.

old_mate3728d ago

the good thing about Live is there is a demo of every single Arcade game the day the game is released, as the demo and retail version are one and the same download.

i might have bought more than 2 PSN games so far if there was a demo of every game. im not buying a download only game sight unseen unless its a game i know is going to be good.

Bathyj3728d ago

Nice. Ahh the memories.

Obviously this will have wheel support, right?

Also, it better be cheap too, which I'm sure it will be, because nostalgia aside, its a pretty short game.