That Gamer Hub: Minecraft Monday (31-01-11)

"After the the last big update, things have been moving along slowly (well, as far as new features are concerned anyway). I’ve been hearing via twitter that they’ve have been problems with some SMP servers, which should hopefully be resolved by now (if Tobias is anything to go by)."

Spence from That Gamer Hub

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ATiElite3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I keep seeing post that NO PC exclusive has won a GOTY award in 5 years. Silly kids and there mean comments.

1. Minecraft won PC gamers 2010 UK GOTY Award in it's Alpha Build.
2. GOTY awards really don't matter anymore because seriously all my favorite games won at least 1 GOTY award this year.

I play Minecraft way too much at work.