Hands-On/Interview: Section 8 Prejudice, a Sequel done right!

One title that flew under the radar in the last 2 years was Section 8. Many games came and go, but of those titles the only ones anyone remembers are big name titles or that one sleeper title you get annoyed not many played. So what happens when a title doesn’t do well? They vanish into the dark abyss while the fans cry out for a sequel, but Section 8 is a title that won’t stay down, and from my first had experience with the sequel I can say without a doubt, it’s a must buy.

Last Tuesday I got to sit down with the Developer/Publisher of Section 8 Prejudice, TimeGate President Adel Chaveleh and try out their latest title.

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wwm0nkey3796d ago

Sucks I didnt get into the beta :(

mightyboot3796d ago

The original Section 8 was very laggy hope this 1 turns out fine.

FunAndGun3796d ago

Yeah, the original was a lot of fun when it wasn't a laggy mess.

I really hope that gets fixed for this sequel. If so, I will be clocking in some hours.

CryWolf3796d ago

When will the Section 8 Prejudice beta be on Xbox Live and PSN Network.

lil Titan3796d ago

on xbox pretty soon i bet on PS3 who knows or never. unless its Sony or developers working close with Sony no one ever does $h!t for PS3 smh sad really