Top Five Games to Play While Listening to a Podcast

As gamers we’ve met characters who became people to us, we’ve journeyed into depths so vivid that they became our realities. When we quit the game, we emerged blinking into an unremembered arrangement of rooms.

Then there are the games that are background music for your podcasts.

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Warprincess1163795d ago

I hate listening to music or any other type of sound when im playing a game. It just distracting. Even on multiplayer.

Greycat_James3795d ago

I play Eve while listening to podcasts when I'm mining. If I'm doing anything important I do tend to focus. Also, Minecraft. Great for podcasts.

pat_11_53795d ago

There are a few games I used to play while listening to podcasts, Minecraft and Halo are all I can remember though.

Shani3795d ago

Link should direct to the begining of the article. It leads to one paragraph below the article.
Remove "#more-5856" from the end of the link.

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