Sony and Nintendo=Apples and Oranges

Gamerfitnation's writer Gregory Laporte weighs in on the NGP and 3DS and what each must do to win the next-gen portable market. "Nintendo and Sony have been at it for years, competing for the hand held and home console market. However, this year their competition has taken a turn for the awkward."

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mantisimo3796d ago

I did thankyou.

I loved the idea of the psp and bought one at launch but just missed the dual sticks too much, which to me was a bit of a game breaker.

Now with confirmed dual sticks and touch screen I am saving every spare penny to buy one at launch.

3DS I just aren't that keen on Nintendo's games at the moment and although I love Prof Layton and the brain trainers I just think the Ps2 will have the sort of games I really want to play, in a way I WANT to play on a handheld.

That said My son wants a 3ds and so will get him one in July. So yes like you say oranges and apples.

Close_Second3796d ago

I never missed the dualshock until they started releasing games that needed it. Honestly, the PSP should have been a portable arcade powerhouse with revamped versions of all the classics.

I grew up on arcade games, the Amiga, Sony PS1, etc and 99% of the time those games used no or 1 analog.

Nintendo and Apple developers know that to make games work you make them to exploit the strengths of the console. Too many PSP developers forgot to do this which is why people kept moaning about the lack of a second analog. However, when they did get it right tell me it wasn't portable gaming heaven...God of War, GT:PSP, Motorstorm, PixelJunk Monsters, etc.

darthv723796d ago

There are a few minor issues. To think the 3ds has no power is one. And games like killzone and uncharted would have come to the reg psp just like LBP and resistance etc.

Both units are significantly superior to their predecessor. Only one is really going in a different direction than the other. Much like the wii taking on the "casual" market. The 3ds is going after the 3d on the go, or at least showing if it can work or not. NGP is the evolutionary step up from the PSP.

It looks to offer everything the PSP did but in expanded form. Traditionally, that is how things are done. You make your next system better and more powerful/feature rich than the previous. Unfortunately, it comes down to the games. Nothing against portable versions of the console games but that is what they are. Uncharted on the NGP is still only uncharted.

I wont say the games avail to the 3ds will be the winners either but it does have a slight advantage if it is done right. 3d games you cant play anywhere else. Much like the DS brought in original games that cant be played on a console.

The NGP is the superior hardware. Now it needs more than console ports to make it stand out. That game little deviants...has promise.

darthv723796d ago

what is fnny is apples and oranges are more alike than they are different.

Apples and grenades....that is more like it.

pain777pas3796d ago

Close_second I like that point about not missing till it was needed. There needed to be more Mega Man PP or CV sidescollers in 3D on the system and less camera and control issue games. Imagine Syphon filter with 2 sticks. The game would have been amazing. The games were there controls for some were a major barrier. But no more the NGP is coming.

infamousowner3796d ago

I have to say i never really thought about it in that regard, good article.

MrMickeal3796d ago

Nice. With the NGP coming. It's getting to that point now.


They really are to different monsters

Burning_Finger3796d ago

Fact: I love apples more than oranges. :)

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