Top 10 PS1 Games we want to see on PlayStation Suite

Pocket Gamer:

Could the PlayStation Suite start a revolution in mobile gaming? We’ll have to wait and see: it won’t be until late 2010 that Sony actually starts rolling out its curated PlayStation Store of carefully crafted, licensed, and published downloadable games.

In the meantime, we’ll get a dollop of digital nostalgia in the shape of classic PlayStation 1 games emulated on Androids. As in, legitimately. Here are ten games we’re hoping to see.

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negroguy2914d ago

Breath of Fire, Legend of Dragoon, Grandia, and Lunar 2 GO

klado2914d ago

Dragon Legends
Breath to fire III, IV
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Chrono Cross
Parasite Eve
Parasite Eve 2
Saga Frontier, Saga Frontier 2

TehChef2914d ago

It's interesting to see that many games released more than 10 years ago are good enough to still be sold today. This tells you a lot about what happens to games that have aged well.

pain777pas2914d ago

Why is Klonoa not on PSN right now is another question? All current PSN PS1 games will launch with the PSuite I think for Android users. They never said anything about the PSN PS1 games and whether they were playable on the NGP. I wouldn't want to pay for all those games again. I play all PS1 classics on the PSP already anyway. The games just look better.

Bathyj2914d ago

Colony Wars
Destruction Derby 2

AntsPai2914d ago

I'd like Tenchu 2 :3 I wasted so many hours of my preteen years on the level creator and story mode

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