THQ Pass helps pay for dedicated servers - Kaos

The pre-owned market has to be curbed by measures like online pass systems if developers are to provide post-launch services that consumers demand.

That's according to Kaos Studios boss David Votypka, who told CVG that the dedicated servers on a game like THQ's FPS Homefront are costly to maintain - and rely on revenue from new game sales.

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Dark_Overlord3794d ago

These online passes are getting f*cking annoying

If you want gamers to buy your games new, then give them free DLC whereas 2nd hand owners have to buy it, thats fairer.

PirateThom3794d ago

But, how would that work without typing in a pass code and putting you right back where you are now?

roflcopters3794d ago

why do you think they're obligated to give you free DLC? most devs work on DLC after a game has gone gold, and that costs time/money. i don't see why you're bitching about something you should be paying for. when buy a dvd/blyray at the store you don't get the soundtrack for free do you?

the online passes are to curb trade-in sales. and the only entity that benefits from that is places like gamestop. at most your only saving $5-$10. in the end all your doing is taking money away from the people that make the game you like to play and putting it into the hands of gamestop the company that pushes pre-order DLC and all that other crap.

AssassinHD3794d ago

I stopped worrying about what is fair in life about the time I hit puberty. You will be happier if you do as well. You will be constantly disappointed otherwise.

Saryk3794d ago

The worst four letter word in the world starts with the letter F and it is FAIR.

AKA3794d ago

or will help many of those not even rent, or buy it used
and if they do not test the game online and not press attention to part 2.

if the game is awesome they will be many that will not play it and not care about the game.

online pass does not understand long term investment EA and THQ are not smart or are not thinking ahead...

SuperStrokey11233794d ago

Maybe find a game board in your native language... i dont mean to be rude (as my english is far less than perfect) but thats very hard to read.

AKA3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

if you are so smart
you should be able to understand
your first idiom without much problem.
Next time i will try better, so you dont have to waste your time trying to read your own idiom.

SuperStrokey11233794d ago

woah there, i think you misunderstand me. Didnt mean to offend you at all, just saying that a board in your native language would likely be easier and more fulfilling for you and easier for us to not have to read your broken posts is all. Dont be offended, im not saying you are stupid or anything like that, just that your posts are hard to read is all.

theonlylolking3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

AWww darn. I was going to buy this game but I aint supporting a game that uses online passes.

DavidMacDougall3794d ago

I'll buy it new but at a very late date when its on sale.

jessupj3794d ago

I rent 90% of all my games but I think this is completely fair. When people buy used you know what they're saying to the developer of the game? A big F*CK YOU, that's what. These people invest an enourmous amount of their time and talent into these games to not get a single cent back from gamers that buy second hand. If anything is unfair it's that.

But at the same time, for $60 (or $120 where I live) games need to be worth it and a lot of them simply are not worth the money. I bought battlefield: bad company 2 and RDR last year, that's it. I rented the rest.

theonlylolking3794d ago

I guess getting a used car is bad, a used PC, a used movie, etc... is bad huh?

chasegarcia3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Same here but I was never going to buy this game new. I love shopping for low price games. Demons Souls for $15? awesome deal.

Neckbear3794d ago

I don't get why people bitch 'bout these.

"Oh no, developers and publishers don't want us to buy games used! What are we gonna do now, spend 5$ more to buy a new copy of the game? Ha! What a joke!"

Ducky3794d ago

There's a nice ironic twist when those same people bash pirates for hurting developers. =)

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