A Look At Gaming In 2011- 360′s Best Year?

GamingBolt takes an indepth look in to several exclusive and multiplatform games hitting the Xbox 360.

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Xbox360PS3AndPC3795d ago

Only Games Im Excited About In 2011 Are Hitman 5, Forza 4, La Noire & Batman AC

Hellsvacancy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

FINALLY, theres another mofo who wants Hitman V, its the game i want above ALL others, i also REALLY want Deus Ex 3, L.A Noire and Rage

Edit: i know buddy its insane to even think what the next Hitmans games going to be like, David Bateson (dude who voices 47) said he saw some concept art for Hitman V recently and explained it was more art then concept, meanin you could put it in sum gallery and charge people to see it, and Hitman V will more than likely hav online multiplayer, CANT WAIT!

+1 to you mofo


Xbox360PS3AndPC3795d ago

Hitman Blood Money Was Awesome & That Game Was Released In 2006 When Developers Knew Very Little About The Potential Of These Consoles, Now Its 2011 & They Can Truly Make The Game Realistic

bluwulf3795d ago

Wait, Hitman was confirmed?

I don't know guys... Hitman is one of the better Thief type spinoff's, but seing what happened to Splinter Cell, Resident Evil, and others... It seems that games are no longer staying true to their souls. I'd love an actual slow paced Hitman, which had a damn near infinite ways of killing your target. But I'm afraid they would turn it into a shooter somehow with a guy having tribal tattoos...

NoobSessions3795d ago

I know many PS3 fanboys will all say many of those games are multiplatform, so they don't count, etc.

But thats' like saying if they're multiplatform, they're gone from the Xbox. Those games on that list are looking amazing IMO, available on PS3 or not. Gamers shouldn't care if a game is multiplatform or not, a good game is a good game.

And yeah the quantity of Xbox exclusives there are higher on PS3, and yet my lists are pretty equal

Gears of War 3
Forza Motorsport 4
Steel Batallion

Killzone 3
LittleBig Planet 2
The Last Guardian
Uncharted 3
Twisted Metal
Infamous 2

ActionBastard3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

The lists are pretty equal when you gimp the PS3 lineup as you just did.

OllieBoy3795d ago

It's funny how 360 fans used to brag about all the exclusives they had.

Now they're reduced to this.

TKCMuzzer3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I own both but your list only really helps the PS3.
Plus, Socom 4 is looking good, oh Resistance 3...... alas your list is not complete.


My Problem with this article is that it boast that the 360 will have a great year and then list alot of multiplats... that tist shows it will be a great year for ALL platforms! not JUST the 360! Thats like the Steelers winning the superbowl and only HALF the team gets a ring!

Imtey3795d ago

So now games like 'steel battalion' and 'kingdoms' (which we know nothing about) are being compared to the likes of UC3 and KZ3??? Rather desperate it seems...

NoobSessions3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

You guys do realize that those are the exclusives that I wanted, right? There are 20+ exclusives for PS3, but that list is the only one that interests me.

Btw, I'm not an Xbox fanboy. I don't brag about exclusive games. I play both systems actually. What I wanted to point out that a game is a game, exclusive or not.

And Im not saying that UC3 and KZ3 are equal to Steel Batallion or Kingdoms since I haven't seen enough info on them, them, but those games greatly interest me too...

Since Crytek is a quality developer, and judging from concept art, it looks interesting.
Steel Batallion is an old franchise, and Im curious to how they will incorporate

Sorry if you misread my post.

I agree that the PS3 has a stronger lineup this year, but people act as if the Xbox has no games to play and is doomed to fail; while as the average xbox owner will have plenty to play. That's all I was trying to say.

nycredude3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Add these to the Ps3 list and look at it again.

Yakuza 4
MLB The Show
Socom 4
PSP 2!!!

So as you can see just the games you forgot to mention for the Ps3 equals the amount of exclusives known for the 360 this year. I fail to see how the lists are equal. Only blind fans can agree with that.

They are both good consoles and have good games but it's obvious which as the stronger lineup this year.

Gamer_Z3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

My list would go like this and keep in mind that I’m putting more multiplats on the PS3 because well its free to play online and I don’t want to pay Xlive and everybody that says Xlive is better, it’s the same thing stop fooling yourselves.

Gears 3 (is a beast of a game)
Forza Motorsport 4

Killzone 3
The Last Guardain
Uncharted 3
Infamous 2
Resistance 3
Crysis 2
Batman: Arkham City
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Mass Effect 3
Dead Space 2

Senden3795d ago

Well considering two games on that list nothing is even known about not to mention one is probably on rails so really in terms of great exclusives, you're left with just Gears 3 and Forza 4. To be fair gears 3 is my most anticipated game for this year but this is going to be a terrible year for the 360 in terms of exclusives.

WesMcLaren3795d ago

since kingdoms is still just a codename, i doubt it will come out next year.

Figboy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I hate to be "that guy," Noob sessions, but your PS3 section of the list is missing

Resistance 3
Motorstorm: Apocalypse
Yakuza 4
Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One
Free Realms (surprisingly enjoyable, and geared towards a younger audience)
DC Universe Online (released, and really fun)
Team Ico Collection (many PS fans haven't played these two amazing titles, and getting to enjoy them in HD is awesome)
Disgaea 4
Twisted Metal
White Knight Chronicles 2
Nino Kuni

I'm just saying, your list is rather incomplete for the PS3 side, and I didn't bother to list PSN titles like Explodemon, Journey, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Pixel Junk Shooter 2, About A Blob, and Sideway.

All of the titles I listed are coming from quality, talented developers known to make awesome games. Level 5, Insomniac, Evolution Studios, Team Ico, Zipper Interactive, etc. I'm not just padding the list with titles, these games are looking awesome, and coming from veteran developers.

Most of the 360 titles this year are still in the code name stage, or they are Kinect titles. I left out the MOVE titles on the PS3 from my list, and yet there are still enough PS3 exclusives to have a major release every month of the year, and then some still left over.

The truth is that Sony has 19 first party, and 11 2nd party studios, all working on PlayStation 3 exclusives.

Microsoft simply can't compete with that amount of developers on a blow by blow, exclusive for exclusive battle. They have 7 or 8 first AND second party studios total. No matter how you slice it, 30 is more than 8, and 30 developers will ALWAYS be able to make more games than 8 developers.

Of course your list won't seem so bad for the 360 when you exclude 50% of the quality PS3 exclusives hitting this year.

Oh, and I don't think the Xbox 360 is doomed to fail, I just think that, as a gamer that would consider himself to be pretty hardcore, the 360 is lacking in many hardcore titles, while focusing on an overabundance of Kinect titles. As a non-fan of Forza and Gears of War, my outlook on the 360 this year is looking bleak, with XBLA looking to be the only reason I'll be excited for my 360 this year, as the XBLA line-up, as always, is looking really good. As for core, retail games, there's not much out there besides some Code Name titles, and titles without a release date/window.

Sony has been announcing release dates for their titles left and right this year. The only other release dates I'm really waiting for is inFAMOUS 2, Twisted Metal, and The Last Guardian. I'm sure they'll be coming soon.

NoobSessions3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Very mature response. I know that overall, the PS3 has a better exclusive line up when compared to Xbox'. I guess I should've emphasized in my post that the list comes from my personal preference.

But what I was also trying to get out was that Xbox's library as a whole is still very good this year, regardless of exclusive games or not, and people try to disprove that at times, claiming that exclusives are what should really matter.

Obviously if you were to choose in 2011, which console to buy, and you had to bias over the other, I would say purchase a PS3 because it has multiplatform and more exclusive games over the Xbox, but Xbox only-owners will still have a good year IMO. I DO wish MS had more exclusive games coming though, just so that more games were made on the Xbox.

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just_looken3795d ago

hitman 5 is vaporware lots of www wispers but nothing for pics/vids been awhile sense edios made a triple a game i hope hitman 5 wont be like k&L.

malandra3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )


2011 PS3 core exclusive list:

-little big planet 2 (1/18)
-killzone 3 (2/22)
-MLB The Show (3/8)
-yakuza 4 (3/15)
-PS Move Heroes (3/22)
-Motorstorm Apocalypse (4/12)
-Socom 4 (april)
-ICO/SOTC HD collection
-Ratcher and Clank All For One
-Infamous 2
-White Knight Chronicles 2
-Ni No Kuni
-Resistance 3 (9/6)
-Uncharted 3 (11/1)
-The Last Guardian (holidays 2011)
-Twisted Metal (holidays 2011)

(please note how I'm leaving out games like DC Universe Online, The Agency and Final Fantasy 14 because they're not exclusives because they have PC versions)

360 2011 core exclusive list

-Gears of War 3 (fall 2011)
-Forza 4

(in both list the ones with no dates are TBA2011, but at some point they were announced for 2011, Crytek's Kingdoms was never given a release date or window, steel batallion is casual kinect game)

ButterBomb3795d ago

It's the same thing year after year..

All the over-hype PS3 owns the year blah blah and then we end up with about the same releases. But alas, there is always a large group of N4G who run their mouth and then up with a foot in it by the end. Look at 2010!

TBH not even sure why YET AGAIN this place cannot have a 360 only article without it being trolled with a bunch of Sony employees. Seriously, this is about the Xbox not a fuckin thing to do with Sony. Goto the other 100 cheerleading articles that pertain to Sony.

TheDivine3795d ago

it was a list of games he wanted, i have a ps3 and will get 3-4 exclusives this year, the ones that interest me.
The last guardian (prob 2012)
ffvs13 (prob 2012)
uncharted 3
white knight 2 (prob 2012)
and for 360
gears 3
steel batallion if good
kingdoms (prob 2012)
all multis
dead space 2
2 worlds 2
dungean siege 3
dragon age 2
bioshock infinite (2012?)
exc so my 360 will see many more games even though the ps3 has more exclusives, buy whatever u like im not going to buy a bunch of games i wont enjoy because their exclusive, i rent stuff like that.

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thealmighty13795d ago

Okay...seriously?! It is best for the PS3 for this year...

Wizziokid3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

2 exclusives :/ on that list


This Article claims Grand Turishmo has been “OUT DONE” by Fortza 2???? That is opionion not fact! If you like arcade style racing and customization then fortza is for you… But HARDCORE RACING FANS will always choose GT5! any game with rewind is not a racing sim imo. Also the entire list is multiplats except 2 games…. this should be a great game gamers not just the 360 ! How can you boast about the 350 when most of these games come out on other platforms? One could say that the PS3 exclusives destroy the entire list of games you have on that list.

CaptainPunch3795d ago

E3 2011 is going to be insane, hopefully I can attend this year. That would be my dream come true.

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