3DS is a vision of the future

Big forces are pushing hard to make 3D a staple of mainstream entertainment.

At the time of writing you can’t speak to anyone in the industry without touching on 3DS. Everyone has an opinion.

People want to discuss the price, the launch line-up, or the quality of last week’s presentation – but not so much the device’s core USP.

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Warprincess1163796d ago

um... no. The psp2 is the vision of the future.

MasFlowKiller3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I think the vision of the future is whatever developers are willing to do with the hardware.

Am sorry to point this out but the 360 doesn't haves many games like uncharted or god or war, games that just pop because of there graphics or game play, because it doesn't have as many dedicated developers(reference to the hardware not work ethics)

the name of the game is not just making a machine and not make games, you have to make games to share the vision of where you think the games industry should go.

3DS is not going to do it alone, inevitably the future remains in the hands of developers.

eagle213796d ago

Damn right it is....can't wait! I honestly thought no one would give Nintendo basically the entire handheld 3D gaming market. They will massively gain tens of millions install base in 2011 alone. This will be easy for Nintendo. :)

klado3796d ago

Eeerm, whut? 3D handheld market? LOL

Samus HD3796d ago

yes god damn it - it really is.
Nintendo is always following the future
3 examples:
NDS = touchscreen
Wii = Motion controls
3DS = 3D gameplay and more