New PS3 starter pack unveiled

The new pack includes the 60Gb PS3, two Sixaxis controllers, Resistance: Fall of Man, MotorStorm and new addition Heavenly Sword, which made its debut on the charts this week at number seven.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4951d ago

PS3 should of had these games at launch.

Vavoom4951d ago

I thought the 60 gig was phasing out. How can they make a starter pack with a SKU that they plan on no longer carrying. Or were they just saying they were phasing it out to scare people into buying right away.

If so, that's some sneaky stuff.

xplosneer4951d ago

The 60GB was only canceled in USA, this is Europe only offer.

SonySoldiers4951d ago

Even without a price drop, the PS3's value has once again increased by this new pack.

nasim4951d ago

PS3 is already outselling x360 by huge margins 3:1 in EU. These starter packs would increase the margin further.

BTW dont bring up vgcharts FALSE NUMBERS to refute my claim

Here is PS3 vs X360 in EU

HMV ---UK's biggest retailer (accounts for 40% of UK's totalVDO game sales)

ps3 is at no 7 ..x360 non existent


ps3 is at no 13...garbage box x360 is non existent
HS is right up there at no 3
HS right up there at no 3 behind HALo 3

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Cartesian3D4951d ago

3 different genre .. this will ROCK!!! on Xmas..

Beowulf284951d ago

now lets see the price! this could very well get alot of people to wabt ps3's.

CyberSentinel4951d ago

Good deal, but for that price, they sure look desperate.

Violater4951d ago

cant catch a break , first its a ripoff and too expensive,
Now they look desperate??

The Brave 14951d ago

AMAZING!people complain that the ps3 is expensive which in my opinion is false.but they also complain or have something negative to say even when sony adds value to the is about 5.5 million units from the X360.all this without much marketing and only being out in europe for 5 months.Not to mention that they have not even hit $399 which is how x360 started.AAA games are starting to poor in.HS,Lair(i like it)and warhawk got it started.2007 is pure gravy the rest of the way. And dont get me started on 2008 .A beast is aproaching gentlemen(and ladies)and there is no way to stop it!!!!!!!

lawman11084950d ago

That is $571.00 US dollars......even with games THAT wont help sales that much and that is before tax so your still way over $600 bucks.

Dannagar4951d ago

That's a pretty good if the price is right.

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The story is too old to be commented.