Sega Rally Online Arcade Coming To Xbox Live and PlayStation Network In 2011 (RunDLC)

When it comes to racing games, most people mention Gran Turismo and the Project Gotham series, often forgetting about the genre's legendary past. Sega Rally played a huge role in defining the modern day racer, and Sega plans to bring it back in the form of Sega Rally Arcade, launching on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in 2011.

Chris Buffa (RunDLC)

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a_bro3725d ago

cool. maybe they'll finally bring outrun to the PSN in NA this time as well.

Buff10443725d ago

Good to see this series making a comeback. It's been too long, and the last one on Xbox 360/PS3 wasn't so hot. Still....I see rally cars on smooth roads...hmmm.

Redempteur3724d ago

the last one had a really lousy wheel detection but very cool ideas ..

darthv723724d ago

For me..I think pole position, daytona usa, super hang on (that one needs a comeback), outrun, .......

Sega rally was good on the saturn, great on the DC and so-so from then on. Lets get back to the balls out rally racing with over jumps and easy left easy right.

In fact, after this one, sega needs to get daytona us all rev'd up and ready for a "ROLLING START" for online PSN/XBLA.

ddurand13724d ago

these cheap PSN and XBLA games are starting to become alot more numerous. Im not sure if thats good or bad.

mightyboot3724d ago

Sega Rally time as passed now its just an budget title.

stuntman_mike3724d ago

they should release the one on the saturn on psn. that still is the best one.