Five reasons Halo: Reach was a disappointment

Despite being one of the headline titles of 2010 on the Xbox 360, Halo: Reach never quite lived up to its hype. It didn't win many awards and sales were much lower than previous games in the franchise. What went wrong?

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awiseman2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I stopped reading at "No leveler System"

He tries to compare it with halo 3 but its clear that its COD that he wants halo to be like.

This article isnt that good, however it will get hits because its against an xbox title.

Xander7562870d ago

wiseman, actually I really don't like CoD so you are mistaken.

Shanks2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I agree with the 'more of the same' part, the franchise hasn't evolved much since Halo 1 and it shows. I hope we see something new and innovative in the future.

No need to get so emotional, try keep things in proportion.

Godmars2902870d ago

Don't you mean Halo 2 where online multiplayer was perfected?

Xander7562870d ago

Halo 2's multiplayer was definitely not perfect. Button glitches nearly ruined it, but I would still say it's the best of the three.

ComboBreaker2869d ago

Combat Evolve is the best Halo.

SnakeMustDie2868d ago

Halo 2 in no ways perfected online mulitplayer. That honor either goes to Counter Strike, Tribes, Unreal or Quake.

CE > 2.

RedDead2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Haha Expanding reticle? Every shooter has this except the first threehalo's, it's to give you and Idea of how much the recoil is putting the gun off.

Armor abilities I disagree with aswell, they all have they're up's and downs, what's to stop someone from being stealthy and waiting for you to pass by in Halo 3? This time they can go invisable but atleast you KNOW they are somewhere around you so if you look they're not that hard to spot.
Basically they just add an new layer to the game, there are no cheap kills. If your outwitted by the opponants use of Armor abilities then tough shi*. Learn from your mistake.

MLG hahaha, all they use since Halo 2 is the Br. Their complaints don't resonate with the general gaming population. Seriousl have you heard some of the complaints these guys have made? "Br too slow shooting" make it like Halo 2. It was Overpowered in Halo 2.

Edit--- I also agree with more of the same sort of. But he complains about the changes and then ses..."more of the same" Really? What the hell do you want, a new game or not?

theonlylolking2868d ago

I got bored of halo reach online quickly. It still is the same halo. Armor abilities hardly changed anything.