New Anarchy Reigns/Max Anarchy teaser details the character Ice Queen

A new teaser trailer was shown detailing the character Ice Queen and all her move sets

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3796d ago
Studio-YaMi3796d ago

really love the overall design of the game,and gameplay seems great,gonna keep an eye on this one!

Ponurasky3796d ago

And I thought Bayonetta was the most creepy looking female character in video games (right next to that blond chick from Alpha Protocol). PG overdone themselves with this one.

mrmikew20183796d ago

So this title is going to be similar to "Streets of Rage" or Final Fight"

Hmmmm interesting....


From what I understand it's actually not a game like Streets of Rage or Final's the first multiplayer brawler where you can fight each other as well as the NPC's. At least that is my understanding thus far.