More Brand New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Details

Nomura confirms more details regarding PS3-exclusive, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, including relationships of some characters, new gameplay interactivity and improved graphics.

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gaffyh3796d ago

Just gotta say, this is sound like more and more of an amazing game.

ksense3796d ago

this seems to getting better and better. steadily moving towards my must buy list. now that 2011 is out of question I am hoping it is released early 2012

Crystallis3796d ago

And a release date both for Japan, Europe, and the States would be awesome. Imagine everyone playing this game at the same time and no would have to wait 6 months.

Ryudo3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I wonder if Square is cable of releasing it with the same quality as first party PS3 exclusives.

They where responsible for some of the best PSX and PS2 games quality and graphics wise I wonder if there able to recapture that.

blumatt3796d ago

Graphically, it's going to be beast no doubt. And, gameplay-wise it looks to be killer as well with its Kingdom Hearts style of combat. I can't wait, but it's likely gonna be late 2011, early 2012 before it comes out sadly. :(

IronFist3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

It's gonna look even better than what they showed???!!


lalalala3796d ago

forget that, he said we might see it at e3 this year, that's awesome. he keeps mentioning it, imo that means it's a certainty.

Godmars2903796d ago

nowhere in the article is vsXIII stated as "PS3-exclusive" and I really don't see the point in you listing it as such. I hate the idea as much if not more than any FF fan who happens to be a PS3-only owner - about S/E d*cking everyone concerned on the subject - but I hate the actual fanboyism inaccuracy even more.

despair3796d ago

It has been PS3 exclusive from day one and until they say otherwise it will remain so and thats why its listed as such. Even the last trailer showed "for PS3" at the end,no other platforms.

RBLAZE19883796d ago

Yea there really is no fanboyism going on here. It's still officially a ps3 exclusive game. I think you read a little more into the title than you should have...

thats_just_prime3796d ago

"for ps3" isnt the same as "only for ps3" and that doesnt mean much either cause FF13 trailers said the same thing. Only 2 3rd party exclusive that I cant think of that have stayed exclusive is mgs4 and GoW 1&2

LeShin3796d ago


Actually, there's quite a few 3rd party titles (1 from Square Enix themselves) that have stayed exclusive to 1 console:

Blue Dragon
Last Remnant
Lost Odyssey
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
Splinter Cell Conviction

despair3796d ago


Except you are speculating, I mean they have never mentioned X360 and FFXIII was announced for X360 long before we got to see big trailers for it so I don't get why this is an issue, its exclusive as of now and until further notice should be stated as such not guesses and speculations.

tablav3796d ago


I don't care what console it's on. I just want it.

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Lirky3796d ago

Remember in older final fantasy games you could run around in the live amv cutscenes. This time it returns + you can take action firing shots etc.

Lamarthedancer3796d ago

There really pushing the PS3 for this arn't they :)

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The story is too old to be commented.