Britxbox: Rock Band 3 Review

Kieran Helps writes: "Rock Band 3 sneaks up upon us with very little in the way of fanfare, the reason for this is that the core gameplay is essentially Rock Band 1, with new songs and new instruments. Needless to say however anybody who enjoys this genre will not be short-changed forking out some extra coin for new songs. The instruments however, I'm not too sure...

Rock Band 3 is a hard game to review, by now everyone will know what they are getting from a new music game, unless you are in it for the pro Guitar or Keyboard options. But even then, it’s still the best in the genre and very enjoyable. The only downside comes for those new to the genre, as this game thrives on having a huge back catalogue of tracks to play, especially if you own all the versions available. For newcomers it may be wise to look at each game and choose which one has the strongest draw in regard to songs, and then work your way from there."

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