Final Fantasy Type-0 screenshots

Square Enix released new screenshots of Final Fantasy Type-0.

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thealmighty12820d ago

I rather get XIII-2 to be honest here.

RedDead2820d ago

From the look of it, I would much prefere it to any final fantasy since FFX. Same with Versus. Xiii-2 we know too little about.

Stealth20k2820d ago

looks amazing, keep up the great work square

Godmars2902820d ago

"Get the sh*t out and prove that you can do great work Square Enix like Squaresoft use to do?"

Troll-without-Bridge2820d ago

Its exactly the same team, same developers same staff. There is no need to prove anything. 2003 didn't change anything but the name on the board. So unless you believe a name can magically make a difference...

Godmars2902820d ago

You honestly call them exactly the same team after losing Sakaguchi? And other people left with him after the finical disaster he created.

Ryudo2820d ago


Get yourself a PC, one capable of playing games decently. Then go out and buy that shitty game The Last Remnant that was released on the 360 but get the PC version.

Reason for doing this is,

1) The PC version of The Last Remnant is possibly the best J-RPG this gen by a large margin.

2) It has graphics that surpass any console game, Don't disagree unless you have played it on the PC because that makes you a retard. (Yes I have played KZ2 Uncharted 2 GoW3 and GT5)

3) The story is so epic that you will be wishing the game had sold way better enough though it was completely turd on the 360.

yoshiroaka2820d ago

Looks pretty decent.
Square is doing pretty well on handhelds.
Im interested to see what they do with the Sony's NGP.

TheTruth892820d ago

how the hell they already developed it up to this stage?
less than 2 months ago they said that Type-0 was just a project with no base at all! omg

x5exotic2820d ago

is it type zero or type Oh ?