Dungeon Siege III’s multiplayer stiffs players out of XP

Dungeon Siege III’s multiplayer sounds like a lot of fun in the best of dungeon-crawling traditions, but as none of your friends get anything out of the experience for their own saves, you’ll need to source some selfless co-op buddies.

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Darkfiber3795d ago

That's really lame...I hate when games do this, there is absolutely no reason for it.

AssassinHD3795d ago

There is a reason for it. People would boost in the previous titles by joining a high level player and letting that player protect them while they fought high level enemies at low level.

STK0263795d ago

I'm pretty sure there are other ways to ensure people don't boost. As it is right now, there's no way I'm buying Dungeon Siege 3, as the main reason I wanted the game was to play with a friend of mine until D3 comes out. Seeing as he or I would not get any XP out of playing the game in co-op, I can't really see myself doing that.

ShinraE53795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

That is right (the reason you mentioned for them implementing this).

However, one has to wonder what is worse: allowing people to boost or crippling the co-op experience. I think if this game tanks saleswise, they will realize how they made the wrong choice.

Darkfiber3795d ago

Like I said, there is no reason to completely get rid of it. There are other ways around it that are more beneficial to all parties, rather than eliminate XP gain completely. It completely defeats the purpose of playing co-op in a game like this.

Motion3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I just lost alot of excitement for this game. Not only because playing co-op through the whole story w/ a friend was the best part of DS, but because of the group mechanic. I know, I know, its always been there in DS games, but I could have sworn that they had said previously that there wouldn't be group management, just your own hero (ie Diablo). I'll still check it out, but I was really hoping for a single character dungeon crawler.


Went and found they did at one point say they were done with parties.