Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, What's The Big Deal?

With an impressive track record of (almost) entirely single player games, Ratchet & Clank have managed to cobble together a hugely enjoyable adventure with each new title without fail, and without even having to stray from their trademark formula. So far so good so safe. Insomniac have delivered the whimsical space adventure to eager gamers for years now, and with the announcement of their latest R&C game ‘All 4 One’, it looks like they are experimenting with things this time around.

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Doctorofreality3796d ago

i think this is gonna be sweet tbh.
The co-op stuff looks fairly original..which is totally welcome. I guess more footage will help make things clearer eh?

MidnytRain3795d ago

I was very skeptical at first about it's gameplay. It seemed gimmicky and the concept looked impulsive. But now, I see how much potential and fun this game has. I'm not going to lie, I find myself drawn to Insomniac's OTHER project, but this game won't be forgotten.

TheHip143796d ago

I've always loved the R&C games

avroth163796d ago

Was always a huge fan of the R&C games and this one looks awesome.

thegreatest78843796d ago

I'd still buy it even it was the same R&C game, it's one of my favorite series.

multips3fan3796d ago

Day 1.cant wait to play co op with ya

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The story is too old to be commented.