Killzone 3 PS3 pre-order sales jet to top 15

Pre-order sales increase for Sony's first FPS exclusive of 2011 KILLZONE 3.

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Prcko3276d ago

preordered 2 months ago,can't w8 to see some epic shooter in my hands!!!
something different finaly,i am sick of call of duty -,-

Iamback3276d ago

Amazing, can't wait. Massive preorders on Amazon taking incredible 15th spot, take that fanboys! Let me hear someone say KZ3 isn't big seller.

happyface3275d ago Show
SIX3275d ago

Just Pre ordered. Been hearing amazing things about the single player.

4me23275d ago


Still too many bubbles?

gaffyh3275d ago

How did this get approved when the entire article is in CAPS?

Pixelated_Army3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )


pre-ordered around the same time now we only have a few weeks to go! :D


GT5 is currently at No. 14 ...better?

Scary693275d ago

When is the demo/beta being release? is it the 1st of Feb or next week?

eraursls843275d ago

@above, I thought I read Feb 3rd, but that's a Thursday, so I'm not sure. Hopefully the 1st.

I loved KZ2, I was about to preorder when they announced this new beta, I'm gonna check it out to see if they changed it too much from KZ2. I was worried they were gonna go more mainstream after the articles about "fixing" the issues from KZ2, I didn't think there was a problem with it just because it was different, that's what I liked about it, that it was a breath of fresh air and nothing else like it.

DarkSpawnClone3275d ago

Pre Ordered the same week it was announced right after E3 :) can't wait!

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Christopher3275d ago

***This week, Killzone 3 held ranked at No. 15 in Amazon’s Video Games division.***

Really? This is newsworthy?

BigBacon873275d ago

So you clicked on the article why?

Christopher3275d ago

Because the title was different and didn't mention jumping to #15.

Even then, it's my right to come here and say when something just isn't newsworthy.

Kind of the same way it is for people to disagree with me and for you to comment on why I clicked an article instead of on the topic of the article itself.

InactiveUser3275d ago

Agreed with cgoodno. A preorder hitting the top 15 is not news. Some of you guys will defend anything.

We clicked the link to comment on the ridiculous title and find morons defending it as something significant and news worthy.

If it was 'hits #1' then sure... 'hits top 5', maybe we're having a conversation on whether it's news worthy or not, but Top 15? How can you guys sit around defending that. I'm a PS fan and you guys are ridiculous.

disturbing_flame3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

If we consider that most of the gamers don't preorder their games and go buy it day one withoout reservation at their game shop we can say that we really don't know how much Killzone 3 is awaited.

I think the first one made less than a million in the first week but the sales were strong.
Maybe this one can overtop that, i think it will depend on the quality of the demo Gureilla will release on the PSN.
If the game is great it will push more people to go for it after they judge the quality of the game on the PSN.

PS360PCROCKS3275d ago

haha I pre-ordered when Sony starting uttering the words "Ki..."

chidori6663275d ago

great. Killzone 3 deserve this.

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The story is too old to be commented.