Is Everyone Going To Go Back-Touching Bananas?

Kotaku: In 2007, Apple unveiled the first iPhone. It featured a revolutionary "pinch" gesture, which found its way into other phones and devices. Likewise, Sony's NGP is ready to shake up the way we interact, just by letting us rub its back.

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a_bro3797d ago

its seems that Kotaku tries to bash it, but they cant, because its that good.

ComboBreaker3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

...30 minutes later...

Kotaku: "Okay. Done." (clicked Submit button)
Kotaku: "Wait! I forgot to bash it! FAUUUUCK!!!"

Now, someone just need to turn this into one of those F*CK comic.

visualb3797d ago

this is my fav aspect of the NGP

the idea that almost 50% of the whole console surface is touch sensitive and the whole console is basically a big controller (sixaxis)

this might just be the most interactive console ever made

I'll bet games like Flower, echochrome and locorocco will be remade / released on this, with whole new gameplay possibilities

still, the steep price point and the fact that i never really play portable consoles means i'll probably never get this

still, its pretty damn sweet

karl3797d ago

u r totally right.. but i would say at least 80 porcent of the console is interactive..

plus the buttons soo... it really is something unique ....

now just like kinect.. we need to wait and see if that touchpad in the back has any actual gaming aplication

Cloudberry3797d ago

Sleek, shiny, and sexy.

Yeah, that's what she said.

The Meerkat3797d ago

I'm going to go back to touching my banana right now.

Bow Chicka Wow Wow.

GamerSciz3797d ago

Is it me or is it a misprint every time I see it say "read touchpad"?

Anyways, this is an interesting idea to not "clutter" up the screen or put smudges on it. If it works in a similar way to the iphone with an electric charge then a full screen with a touchpad if you will in the back could be the next big thing. It definitely has potential, lets just see what Sony can do with it.

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