Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance screenshots

Square Enix released some of the first in-game screenshots of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance.

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Kon2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )


Ryudo2820d ago

Looks ok, but I wont buy it out of principle. Square hasn't advanced the story what so ever since Kingdom Hearts 2, And they have released 5/6 games since then.

Am sorry but is that not the definition of milking a franchise?

thealmighty12820d ago

@Kon: What does a rim have to do with this >.>

Bnet3432820d ago

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. 3DS, three Ds, Dream Drop Distance, I get it. Clever fools.

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DenyTheFacts2820d ago

LOL seriously? Looks way better than the PSP...

klado2820d ago

If it is in 3D, I doubt it does, sry, it may barely overcome the BBS by performance, but graphically it is very doubtful.

But yeah, pretty much, it does good look for a nintendo handheld(Not bashing, nintendo fan here).

Lamarthedancer2820d ago

When KH3 comes I'm going to be so confused with whats going on, I mean even when Chain of Memories came out I had to watch cutscenes on youtube and the ending just so I could enjoy and understand KH2s story more but 4-6 games have been out since that and it's just going to be painfull trying to figure out what has happened in KH3

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