Gaming Hardware: How to burn your dollars at the speed of light

The most expensive PC gaming hardware on earth: PC Games Hardware found graphics cards, mainboards, chassis and sound systems that burn you dollars faster than you might imagine. The suggestions are somehow serious as the mentioned hardware really exists.

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ATiElite3795d ago

OH come on!! Articles like this keep the Flaim-train of "PC gaming is too expensive bullcrap articles going".

Most of this stuff is for Servers or Professional grade equipment or just stupid like the gold and diamond encrusted blu-tooth headset. Those 6 screen Samsungs got my desk all sticky though:)

Now granted if I had the money a dual CPU MOBO running two Xeons and 32gb of ram with a 500GB SSD, 6 HDD Raid 1+0 set-up, 2 water cooled HD 6990 CF attached to a 6 screen Eyefinity set up is PIMPIN.

But any $500 PC can run Crysis very well.

Bolts3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

When it comes to high end, nothing beats the PC. But of some the hardware in this article is just expensive for the sake of being expensive. Like anyone would want a $10,000 Klispch speaker set for their PC.

ATiElite3794d ago

Your right high end gaming is AWESOME, trying to get there myself but those $10K speakers are for rich people with movie theaters in their homes.

Xfanboy3795d ago

oh boy here we go again with the $85.000 pc!!

Kon3795d ago

wow, the rig of my dreams.