A.V Club: Dead Space 2 Review

Dead Space 2 isn’t bad, it simply isn’t the evolution it should or could have been. By the time the closing credits roll, don’t be surprised if the only dead space you’re feeling is the one in the middle of your chest.

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Achemki2870d ago

This translates to a 58/100 on metacritic. I'm not even kidding, it just posted on the PS3 side. Over 30 points BELOW the critical average and 22 to the next closest score. :(

Scott Jones has a reputation on Reviews on the Run, a review show in Canada on G4, as being a crusty curmudgeon even stating he only uses his PS3 to watch BluRays, but a 58 on metacritic is something else. In comparison he gave Dead Rising 2 a 10/10.

I thought Dead Space 2 was great.


Nothing new here..we all know Scott Jones is just another bias person..He can go to hell for all i care

phantomexe2870d ago

I'm not sure he played the same game i did? The game is bad ass.

gillri2870d ago

wow, how could any reviewer give this game a C+?
its a 9/10 game all day long

SSKILLZ2870d ago

Who said he was a reviewer, for all I know he could be a chimp typing up shit and smoking a cigar

joydestroy2870d ago

i agree. it's a true sequel. so many things were improved upon. i think the boosters in zero-g is my fav new feature though. i'm always amazed when i click L3 and he pops up with the boosters. it's so cool =D

bluwulf2870d ago

Because its his opinion.

RaSSS2870d ago

The real question this piece of crap of opinion got approved?!


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The story is too old to be commented.