Leaked MvC 3 intro blow up the house

GB writes:A user over at youtube who’s obviously not to fond of adhering to embargoes have uploaded the full intro sequence of Capcom’s upcoming fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

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gameseveryday3792d ago

getting my jaw drop from the floor.

GrieverSoul3792d ago

No wonder! Video is awesome!
But I hope someone makes a duplicate because it will be taken down shortly, unfortunaly! ;)

Cloudberry3792d ago

The graphic are also cool with black shadows resemble to American comic art style.

ActionBastard3792d ago

Capcom, you earned the only $60 you'll get from me in 2011. Unless RE6 releases this year, brings zombies back and has a story that's somewhat coherent.

prongs1233792d ago

most excited feb release for me after Killzone 3

Dart893792d ago

Man as much as i want it on release date i'm just gonna wait till they release the super ultra mega edition.

InTheZoneAC3792d ago

I thought about buying this when it drops half price, but you are saying they're releasing ANOTHER version later? I don't want to buy it like I did street fighter 4 if super street fighter is coming out soon after. Do you have a link with any info? thanks

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The story is too old to be commented.