EA Hates Multiplayer Maps

Electronic Arts (EA) must hate maps. We're not sure what their reasoning is for this odd distaste towards a component of all multiplayer shooters, but it has become apparent that someone in the organization simply hates to give gamers more map options in their games. Let's take a brief look back at some of the recent titles released by EA and how many maps each game had at the time of release:

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lostinplace2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

Friggin EA, I love to hate them almost as much as i hate to love them.

xxxAnubisxxx2908d ago

They seem to tease greatness, then fail to deliver

Jaces2908d ago

I've noticed that when I play DS2, what does EA pass do exactly? Pretty sure I ready this somewhere but don't remember what it was all about.

EA isn't that bad when your comparing them to the likes of Activision. Makes them look like freaking saints.

gamingdroid2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

I don't hate EA, but I recognize that their business model restricts my freedom. The whole EA pass is the sh!ttiest move I have seen in a long time in this industry.

Unfortunately, it seems it is here to stay as EA has demonstrated the business model works. EA has likely successfully limited my gaming freedom.

As far as I can tell, EA and Ubisoft (with always online DRM) is two of the most evil companies out there right now.

Because of that, I will likely minimize or altogether stop purchasing EA/Ubisoft games. I hope others do too.


AssassinHD2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

I will continue to support EA as long as EA continues to deliver games I want to play. I could not care less about the online pass system because I buy my games new anyway.


I don't loan my games out. No exceptions. I have been burned in the past by friends and roommates.

gamingdroid2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

You have your reason, and they are well justified.

However, have you ever considered lending your game to your other family members or friends? If so, EA pass will prevent them from playing online.

Also, I only buy brand new games! Even if I buy anything on eBay, they have to be brand new games... so technically it doesn't even affect me that much. However, I'm debating a Gamefly account for sometime now.

Will probably get that to play Dead Space 2.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2908d ago

Well then. Like I commented on another article. Give FPS players a map editor and let them create their own MP maps.

xxxAnubisxxx2908d ago

It's amazing why more FPSs don't do that

Neckbear2908d ago

Because that'd kill the market for 15$ DLC map packs.

I think more than a few publishers would go pale with the sole idea of map editors.

LunaticBrandon2908d ago

How are you going to milk your game with overpriced maps if there is a map editor?

QuodEratDemonstrandm2908d ago

@Neckbear & Brandon

CoD probably wouldn't do it, but I could see a new IP offering a map editor, then instead of new maps as DLC, they offer new map building tools. Win-win.
The guys who left Infinity Ward are apparently starting a new studio. I could see them doing just that.

cozmo1952908d ago

i want a far cry 2 style map editor for lots of EA games :(

yarbie10002908d ago

Id rather Activision Hate maps over EA

iamgoatman2908d ago

Nah, Activision LOVE maps as long as they're in packs, and they love the extortionate sums of money gullible idiots pay for them even more!

jdktech20102908d ago

Does anyone realize that at least on BC2, the maps were so big it was at least 2 cod maps in one?

I'm just saying

No excuses for MOH of though...horribly disappointing

CernaML2908d ago

More like 5 Call of Duty maps in one.

Kon2908d ago

You're exaggerating lol

yarbie10002908d ago

Did you realize that when compared to Battlefield 2, Bad Company 2 failed in comparison with the size of the maps and number?

jdktech20102908d ago

I did but they're comparing to games like Call of Duty with 14 hence my comparison

Fil1012908d ago

yeah twice as big in sqaud DM & 5 times as big in rush mode if not bgr

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Shmotz2908d ago

Yes let's make you pay to play online then have few maps. Whereas our competitors let you play a used game online free of charge and who also have more maps.

etc. etc.

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