The Best Level Designs in Games

Level design is one of the most important elements in video games. There some games with a superb level design, like Uncharted, GTA 4 and Little Big Planet 2. Check out the best level designs in games.

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DelbertGrady3795d ago

The level design in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is mindblowing. The other games mentioned are great as well.

kramun3795d ago

I agree, it's like a masterclass in level design.

AKS3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I have a hard time of thinking of a game that tops the level design of Super Mario Galaxy 2. It was obvious most of the people questioning SMG2 being a GOTY candidate last year hadn't played it. Genius.

I expected LBP2 to have some terrific levels, but it MM has exceeded my very high expectations. They really outdid themselves in LBP2. I was stunned by the level that you shoot cakes topped with sticky jelly to use as steps, pull down platforms, take down enemies, ect. It's fantastic. Media Molecule's level designers are superb, and I think only Nintendo can match or top them regarding platforming level designs. They've really come into their own over the past few years.

Of course Valve must be listed. Not only are the areas of Half-Life and Half-Life 2 well designed, their design also had a significant impact on and influence of gaming history. The Half-Life games are still considered to be among the best games in history, and HL2: Episode 2 is probably my favorte single player FPS ever (yes, I did choose an episode as my favorite of all-time).

Naughty Dog's Uncharted games already have great designs, but in addition to that it's backed up by the brilliant storytelling and direction of Amy Hennig to drive it. She was brilliant back in the Kain/Soul Reaver days, and she's just getting better working with one of the best development teams in the world.

Xfanboy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

- everything looks so polished!

Malebaria3795d ago

Deus Ex hasn't aged at all, its level design is still one of the most diverse and thoughtful in my opinion.

Downtown boogey3795d ago

Many older games -for whatever reason- have really, really good level design!
I mean look at Halo: CE's first levels, Half-Life, Deus-Ex, Mario, Zelda etc... It's weird...

PR_FROM_OHIO3795d ago

Pretty good list. To me i think Uncharted 2's multiplayer has the best collection of maps in 1 game bc most online games people have just a few maps that they like but in Uncharted 2 there all great maps and i don't think Naughty Dog has gotten credit for that part of the game!!!