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+ Great sound design that will make your hair stand on edge
+ Excellent “insanity” mechanic that forces you to play the game afraid to succeed
+ Value easily supersedes its $20 price tag

- Dated visuals
- A little short

One thing is for sure: The folks at Frictional Games sure do know how to scare you.

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verpuli2816d ago

best horror game since forever

Xfanboy2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

agreed!! for a $20 game i give it a 9.5
10 if they use cryengine 3 in the next one.. oh there will be a next one

ATiElite2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Yeh I'm playing through this kinda off an on but it's a very great game. The sounds and atmosphere of the game is awesome.

If you got a pC go get this, the graphics are NOT great but the game play makes up for it and it will scare the shit out of you.

JsonHenry2816d ago

Great game! The graphics are a bit dated though. However, it is on par with most current console games. Surprised they haven't made this game for the consoles actually..

Anyway, great review. The only thing I disagree with is that the game is "a little short". You paid $20 for the game, not $60. AND that is if you didn't get it on sale at one of the DD sites. I got it on steam for under $10.

gillri2816d ago

I have played Amnesia on full settings and multi-plats on consoles look way better than Amnesia never mind PS3 exlcusives

JsonHenry2816d ago

Yes, they do. But you are talking about a full $60 game. Not an arcade/PSN game for ~$15US.

And yes, I know Sony exclusives blah blah blah. I can tell you are a sony fan by how many bubbles you have. You didn't need to open your mouth about it.

buckley2815d ago

I didn't give this review the low-budget indie game handicap. I feel that it legitimately stands up to any current-gen big-budget game out there, and definitely is scarier than anything else anyone's putting out. Compared to the whole field, the length and visuals were about the only detractors I could find, so I wanted to point them out.

That fact that it's $20 is just such a ridiculous steal that it's not even funny.

Malebaria2816d ago

Agreed, one of the best indie games of recent times. The atmosphere is top-notch.

sam22362816d ago

The best horror game I've ever played. Kicks the shit out of Silent Hill, imo (And this is coming from a massive SH fan btw!).

JsonHenry2816d ago

I'm a huge SH fan myself! SH2 and The Room were my faves.

gillri2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

no it doesnt kick the shit out of Silent Hill

certainly not the 2nd Silent Hill which is the most emotional horror and has the best storyline in a horror I have played

and not one or 3 either, which I reckon are on par with Amnesia

great game though although once yo worked out the pattern of the enemy it lost its cache a bit

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