GamerNode | El Shaddai officially completed

El Shaddai: Ascension of The Metatron has officially been completed, and will be releasing on April 28 in Japan.

El Shaddai: Ascension of The Metatron is a Japanese title being developed by a studio whose history includes games like Devil May Cry and Okami. Its strong resume of developers coupled with an amazing art style makes it a game definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Ignition entertainment, the publisher of the game, said in a press release that details on both European and North American launches would be revealed shortly.

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italianbreadman3795d ago

I did not even realize how awesome this game sounds, and with such a strong dev team, too. Thanks!

Acquiescence3795d ago

This, The Last Story, Catherine and Night Of The Sacrifice; they're all out soon over there and we'll have to wait months for a release announcement that may or may not come. In The Last Story's case, it'll be the latter unfortunately.

I so want this game though. It looks like a painting come to life. Like that bit in Mary Poppins, but without the comedy penguins.

wwm0nkey3795d ago

This game is coming out in Spring for the USA, not far away at all.

Acquiescence3795d ago

So it's coming out around the same time in the West as it is in Japan? Terrific news. I just assumed it wasn't even announced for localisation yet. Thanks for the heads up.

wwm0nkey3795d ago

I dont think we are actually getting a western voice cast so localization will be pretty easy since it only requites subtitles.

dgroundwater3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

wwm0nkey - This is getting an English dub, for better or worse. The cast sounds promising I guess.

I hope it lets you choose subs though.

Murpho3795d ago

Definitely an interesting-looking title. I've kept my eye on it the past few months. Looks promising.