Black Ops First Strike DLC: 24 Stadium and Kowloon screenshots

CVG: Shown here are images of the new Stadium map, alongside the multiplayer debut of the Kolwoon map from the campaign.

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TheBrit2815d ago

Guess there is a bunch of friends my wife and kid wont be playing with - not paying that much money for both of them to play online - DLC prices are just getting ridiculous IMO, maybe not yours.

But I'm certainly not paying $15 or $30 each time for 5 maps that they prob have had queued up for a while but didn't ship on the disc

Cannot wait to see the drop off when they start charging monthly to play the game. I see p.c gaming making a full circle comeback soon at these prices. Either that or the modding / map creation capabilities will be take away from p.c owners

Killzoned2815d ago

I stopped playing this game weeks ago! Got to 15th prestige and got the golden guns then got bored of it. Playing DCUO now!

alex33692815d ago

if you got to 15th prestige then you sure got your money's worth so you probably got burned out.

Killzoned2815d ago

Yeah Black Ops was damn fun i have to admit despite all the issues. What i hate about being prestige 15 is that why are the golden guns so damn expensive! lool

S_C2815d ago

Im Looking forward To Playing Stadium Most, Maybe Because Im A Sports Person, That Map Is Going To Be The New Nuketown I Think - MANIC

--------2815d ago

This should pay for David Vonderhaar's daily Supersized Whopper Meal, with extra fries.