Gamereactor UK: Marvel Vs DC

GRUK: The comic heavyweights have been swinging their might on the videogame field for the past two decades. But who has come out on top? We take a look at comic-related games past, present and future!

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disturbing_flame2869d ago

To me Arkham Asylum is the greatest DC game yet, Marvel vs Capcom 2 the craziest game from Marvel universe.
This two games are gold.

I havn't played DC online it seems that's a solid game.

Simon_Brezhnev2869d ago

DC Universe is very addicting. Right now i think DC is winning seems like Disney is fucking up Marvel doing these highschool past movies. Young Justice demolishes Avengers lol. I really do want to see a Marvel vs DC game and have hmmm Aksys im pretty sure they can balance it and have it fun.

maniacmayhem2869d ago

Its a shame that Young Justice sh|ts on all marvel cartoons at the moment.
It's also a shame that the DC cartoons are leaps and bounds better than the actual comics.

maniacmayhem2869d ago

Seriously, Capcom, DC and Marvel should be in a bunker, below sea level, behind steel doors trying to put this together.

Corepred42869d ago

They really should. But make it nothing like marvel vs capcom 3! Capcom vs DC vs Marvel would sell millions! Easily!

Simon_Brezhnev2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Well im not sure about all marvel cartoons at the moment right now im loving the Wolverine anime they actually show blood, killing and a lot of blood. The ironman anime was crap though. In US Young Justice quality is better then that shitty Disney crap.