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Godmars2902870d ago

That's not a sign of trouble...

BakedGoods2870d ago

The original developer (Darkworks) dropped this smelly turd off at Ubisoft Shanghai. We'll see what they were able to salvage.

GrieverSoul2870d ago

Well, they dont even want to spend money promoting and packing this game. It sure does not smell good!

PS: If the game sucks as much as the translation from google on this website it will be a turd.

rockleex2870d ago

Not so "alive" after all.

Forgive my pun, hehe. :D

dgroundwater2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I'm sorry but what is wrong with picking up an unfinished game and giving it a shot? Just because it wasn't going well with one team means the idea is a scrub?

Give it a chance. Jade Raymond is not a hack, even though Ubisoft whored her out pretty good. We don't even know what her game really is right now. Maybe its really cool. And since when is a digital download synonymous with second-rate? This is 2011 people try and have some standards. DD games can be very innovative and can provide a good value.

Commander_TK2870d ago


So all of the games released on Steam, PSN, Wiiware and XBLA are all fail too, huh?

TheLastGuardian2870d ago

I was a little interested in this game but hearing that it's digital download only killed off all interest.

captain-obvious2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )


but i saw this game as a full 60$ game with a long story line
but this = limitation
so thats what im trying to say

HappyGaming2869d ago

Yeah games like Battlefield 1943 Fat Princess etc are great little cheap games with no story or anything.
Pick up and play games.

But a game that looks to be based around an intriguing story is releasing as a PSN game?

Definitely a no go.

Calabolg2869d ago

You got a point. This does look bad. But not all full price download-only games suck. Look at Warhawk or the recently released ME2. But this is Ubisoft we're talking about, so chances are it may not be good. We're gonna have to wait and see.

DelbertGrady2869d ago

The best Tomb Raider game this gen is a digital-only title as well. I don't see what you're worried about?

Dysmorphic2869d ago


This game was very intriguing but sadly I don't buy digital downloads. The fact that not much has been seen and a different developer is handling it now isn't that promising either.

Sad face. :'(

nickjkl2869d ago

my face when infamous mass effect 2 tomb raider underworld lbp are all digital download

all i see here are idiots being angry about things they know nothing about

EVILDEAD3602869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

I'd rather Ubisoft release this via digital than for us to never get the game.

As a big fan of Disaster report I can't wait till this drops.

Added to the list of games..who cares if it doent get a huge release..especially if it's a gem


Kurt Russell2869d ago

Digital only puts me right off. If it's a pile of shit, I can't get a refund or sell it on for something worth my cash.

Vaud-Villian2869d ago

When's the release date? 2 months after it will be $30 anyway. I'll get it discounted, $60 is too much for digital release where no one has to pay packaging, disc pressing and shipping and I don't get a savings.

HolyOrangeCows2869d ago

Went DL-only and has a vague release date....yeah, that's not a good sign.

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anthraxCZ2870d ago

well i am bit afraid of that it is a bad sign

-Superman-2870d ago

I was hoping big game.
Looks like i was wrong.

FailOverHero2870d ago

Aaaah!! Gees! Thats just retarded! Was so psyched about this title. This sucks major donkey bits!

lil Titan2869d ago

i would have to play a demo first to make a choice to say if its worth picking up or not

itsralf2869d ago

Why complain about it being DL-only? It'll probably be a shit game either way. At least now you're paying like $15 for it instead of $60.

Unless they charge full-price for the DL, like Mass Effect 2 and GoW Collection. In which case, even bigger failure.

Godmars2902869d ago

Regardless of what they charge, though it'll probably be $60, few people are going to want to waste the 6~7GB of space on their HDD. Especially the average person with a console. People with a Xbox Arcade SKU wont be able to at all.

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jay22870d ago

Ouch! thats a bit of a let down that it's download only :(. I'll be getting it though, it looked good.

Liefx2869d ago

My OCD prevents me from buying anything digital, I need a hardcopy. Which I guess is good because I never pirate anything, but bad because I can't get this :(

Kon2870d ago

Wow, what was the last time i saw any info on this game?

anthraxCZ2870d ago

i think it was back in 2008 with announcement trailer on e3

Nac2870d ago

I was wondering what was going on with this one.

hamburger1232870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

dude I dont even care anymore

it looked so awesome when it was first anounced

ExitToExisT2870d ago

it looked awesome when it was announced because they showed a cgi trailer :D

hamburger1232870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

What i mean was that the concept looked promising