Racing 2011: What's Next After GT5?

"So, what happens next for the racing genre? Will GT5 simply become eclipsed by the next big title? Or does its position as leader of the pack, warts and all, seem simply unmatchable for the foreseeable future? Read on…" Steve Haske, GameZone

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athmaus3792d ago

so bored of racing games

MarcusFenixITA3792d ago

nice to know ... I still play GT5 and don't need anything else.

kaveti66163792d ago

you need people to know.

cobpswii36003791d ago

Same, so much to do in GT5. It's a little overwhelming! lol

But in response to the article: Motorstorm: Apocalypse!

yess3792d ago

It's long time since i have seen a Destruction derby game which is a destruction derby.

Many games have made destuction a big part of the game(Motorstorm is one of them or burnout) but no game have captured the tthrill of the original DD games.

That is what i miss, a good old plane DD game with awesome physics and deformation, pitmanuevres,tbone and barrelroll's all over the place, all in glorius online and HD.

Give me a good proper DD online and im back in racing.

pain777pas3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Lets be honest. If PD provided consistent DLC for cars and tracks for this game there would be no need for another one. Here me out. PS4 should be able to up the resolution if neccesary and make the graphics look even sharper. However, when you deal with only premium cars on Madrid or London you are getting the pinnacle of the driving sim on a console. If PD patches the track creator to be more intuitive or Modnation like that would be a plus. PD can still make this game the best ever. It will take time and they may just use everything that they have now and build on it for the next one. They can try and make the physics engine more realistic but seriously it is really good in GT5. The way the game is designed it seems that they could just add to this game. I don't see why not. Just create a lot of original tracks and prototype cars to keep things fresh. If I were developing the next game I would try and create a vehicle assembly system from scratch and try and replicate the cars and cut corners as much as possible. It will take forever considering the type of game that PD wants which is driving history on a disc. If they just take apart the premium vehicles piece by piece rendered create all the engines doors etc... each car try and get done every day. There will be overlap so they should just go like Mazda 6 from 2006-08 was the exact same chassis it will save them time. A car model inside and out every day for the next 3 years. Meanwhile another team is working on the tracks and lots of them. Real world and original it does not matter. YK can work on the physics engine and make sure that each car works. Builing an graphics engine that will take all the parts of the vehicle into account will also render a perfect damage system aswell. They should try and schedule themselves like that. One team cars, another tracks, and another physics. GT6 could still be that game and come out this gen. Seriously with GT it is getting to the point where tracks are going to become more important than anything else because if they make a solid car rendering assembly engine they will be ready for the future and can always use the data that they have gathered for future games.

MagicAccent3792d ago

Im just awaiting the Apocalypse, and then Im good.

MarcusFenixITA3792d ago

somewhere in the end of 2012 according to the Maya. So stay tuned!

MagicAccent3792d ago

Well, the Mayas were wrong.
Cause I know the exact date; 16 March 2011.

MarcusFenixITA3792d ago

damn, we should shout this out to the whole world.

hellzsupernova3792d ago

the motorstorm apocalypse XD

MagicAccent3792d ago

The only Apocalypse I need :)

TheSanchezDavid3792d ago

I enjoy racing games but don't really play them much. I still have a copy of Need for Speed Shift for PS3 sealed in plastic. =P

hellzsupernova3792d ago

probably worth more to you like that then any enjoyment you would get playing it. its not a good game!

TheSanchezDavid3792d ago

Looks like that one's staying wrapped for a long time then. =P

Daves3792d ago

Grid2 is also coming.

I hope it drives like GT5 and races like original Grid.

HK63792d ago

I hope GRID 2 is as good or better than the original. Still love that game.

hellzsupernova3792d ago

are you sure? has it been confirmed cause that would be awesome that game is my most enjoyable racing experience this gen

Daves3792d ago

Yes, I'm sure mate. Quite a while away yet though.

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