A Beginners Journey Through Dungeons & Dragons Online

"So when my editor asked me to play Dungeons and Dragons Online for a few months and keep a journal, it seemed like a good opportunity for me kill two birds with one stone. If I can last a few months with DDO, I can play other MMOs with a better understanding, and maybe decide if Dungeons and Dragons the tabletop game is worth trying. So with that, a VIP account, and a few free hours a week, I dived in." Ben PerLee, GameZone

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topgeargorilla3797d ago

DDO isn't exactly the easiest game to get into, that's for sure.

athmaus3797d ago

hmmmm pass on this game

RogueCheddar3797d ago

I recently played D&D for the first time (IRL D&D, not Online). With the help of some friendly vets it was a cakewalk, and a ton of fun.

TomFG3796d ago

I never played D&D. Had a few games of Shadowrun and Discworld, which were a blast, but my D&D experience ends with Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate. Great universe, though.