Final Fantasy Versus XIII Aiming for Simultaneous Release?

Some possible evidence shows that we could see a simultaneous worldwide release for PS3-exclusive, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, albeit not this year.

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gaffyh3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Would be really cool if it happens, but I doubt it. Although I would be happy with English subs on the Japanese disc. That would be cool, and I definitely would import it.

Also, they probably could fit the Japanese audio track on the disc this time too.

disturbing_flame3797d ago

Japanese with english sutitles for teh win

Godmars2903797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Still not happy we're seeing XIII-2 before vsXIII. Honestly feels a bit insulting.

I doubt S/E will bother with duel audio even though fans would want it. Though other JRPG devs do it, S/E seems to hate to show anything to suggest they are a *J*RPG maker.

Eamon3797d ago

Yeah, it does feel a bit insulting. Especially, the fact we still have that bitter taste of FF13.

ally123453797d ago

On the bright side, the longer Square spends on Versus XIII, the better it will end up being.

I imagine Versus XIII will end up being more polished than FFXIII-2.

Obama3797d ago

they could release an asia version with japanese audio and english sub like they did with ff 13 for the ps3.

SnakeMustDie3797d ago

Versus should be released before XIII-2. Damn it Nomura

Nicaragua3797d ago

XIII-2 shouldnt be released at all.

I would die happy if i never had to spend another moment with that collection of cliched dullards in that shitty corridor simulator.

Simon_Brezhnev3797d ago

lol the cast was pretty naive except Sazh

Neko_Mega3797d ago

This game better come out soon, it looks awesome and it looks to be a great game if they put it out.

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