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"The pinnacle of Bioware’s many years honing their craft, Mass Effect 2 is one of the most important and enjoyable games ever made. The PlayStation 3 port may be a greater value by incorporating the bulk of available DLC into a single package, but it is still vastly inferior to the experience available on the Xbox 360." B. James, GameZone

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Shani3795d ago

8.5 for PS3 (even if it has extra stuff and goodies)
9.5 for X360 (because it first came out on it??)

OhReginald3795d ago

its because Mass Effect 1 isn't available, just because that they say its vastly inferior to the xbox 360 version.

mrv3213795d ago

That is single handely the stupidest reason in the known universe to reducde the score.

It's like saying

Fable 2 and 3 are 1/10 because you can't play them on 360.

Or the Fallout 3 sucks because the original was PC exclusive

Or Call of Duty 4 is the worst online shooter because Call of Duty 1 was only on PC.


LunaticBrandon3795d ago

Last time I checked Call of Duty wasn't a story heavy game loaded with choice with the intention of it being a trilogy with things carrying over from game to game.

Blacktric3795d ago


Well said. That's what some people are ignoring when they think the PS3 version. BUT, that shouldn't be the reason to drop 1.0 from the original score. 0.5 should've been enough.

TomFG3794d ago

1 whole point doesn't mean vastly. Don't forget, just because this package contains all the DLC, ME2 is still a year old game, and without your ME1 choices the game plays far differetly to what you'd expect. So many choices you made in ME1 have an impact on ME2, and losing that truly changes the game.

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athmaus3795d ago

no need to play since i already beat it on 360

TheSanchezDavid3795d ago

I need this game and I need it now!

TheSanchezDavid3795d ago

I know. I just don't have it in my possession. I need to go out and buy it. =P

RonRico3795d ago

This is like when Oblivion came out on the ps3. Except everyone agreed it was actually better on the PS3. Which it was.

topgeargorilla3795d ago

Never liked ME1 enough to finish it, so this could be the perfect game for me.

Silly Mammo3795d ago

Same here. I bought it for the PC and while I liked it, I lost interest in it and never finished.

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