GameZone - MLB 2K11 Preview

"Other areas improved include pitching. MLB 2K10 was a little on the easy side, allowing for players to perform almost impossible amounts of great pitches. With 2K11, there is some variation to where the ball is pitched, even with very good pitching motions. It’s an element that should make the pitching a little harder, but in a good way." -Ben PerLee, GameZone

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athmaus2816d ago

cant wait baseball season is almost here....go rangers!

TheSanchezDavid2816d ago

Haven't played a baseball game since Slugfest on the N64. That's my favorite baseball game of all time.

nycredude2816d ago

Can't wait for MLB The Show this year. I got me that bball itch!

The EDGE2816d ago

if you have a ps3 then the show is the one to buy.

TomFG2815d ago

This is one that'll stay in the US, we don't have any baseball this side of the pond. I enjoyed watching some on my visit to NY, though I'm not convinced how much fun it would be in a videogame.