Nintendo on 3DS: 'We don't look at the opposition'

CVG Interview Part-2: UK boss on Hollywood, PSP2 and mature titles...

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trounbyfire3796d ago

full of it I say

in japan the PSP can outsell ps3, wii and ds of course i mean individualy compared to each other.

now in america the psp doesn't sell as well now but it sold a crap load so they know the competition like apple, sony, smart phone

sony is actually the one going at apple with the psp2, plus it will have android app

Shani3796d ago

I guess they are saying that because NGP does have higher potential compare to 3DS.

El_Colombiano3796d ago

I'm calling it now. Monster Hunter announcement at the Tokyo Game Show. Release for 2012 in Japan, 2013 everywhere else.