Devs Speak: Why You Should Play Two Worlds II

Two Worlds might have left a permanent scar on gamers, but the developers want gamers to give Two Worlds II a chance and redeem themselves. "Gamers who stuck with the franchise will be rewarded with the immersive world of Antaloor they’ve grown to love. Gamers new to the franchise will be able to easily jump into the title and play one of the best RPGs on the market."

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RedDead3797d ago

Can anyone honestly tell me if this is good? I've been hearing mixed stuff about it some say the exploration is alot more limited than the last amd other Rpg's

Viper73797d ago

Its good, not Game of the year or anything but still a good RPG. I was also cautious because the first game was crushed by critics, but the second one caught my interests.

Two worlds 2 is still open world rpg, it maybe smaller and shorter than the first game, but the graphics are nice and the loading times are often ridiculously fast. Guess they used quality over content for the sequel.

Only bad things about the game are the voice actors and cinematics. Like the VA of the protagonist tough.
Sligh blurriness may take a while to get used to as well, but other than that its a decent game.

xyxzor3797d ago

It really depends on what things you look for in a game. If you don't like games with some nagging technical issues then Two Worlds II might not be for you. For me at least, Two Worlds II is a reminder of why I fell in love with roleplaying games in the first place.

phantomexe3797d ago

ur right it do's kind of bring back that old i don't know feeling. I get what ur saying tho. Alright this is the last time i post on a two worlds 2 artcle today.

athmaus3797d ago

i realyl would like to try it out

BigBoss073797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I've been enjoying the hell out of Two Worlds Two so far, and all I've played is the MP and worked my village some. Mages are IMO done the right way giving players the ability to make there own spells to their liking. Warriors are great if you buff your skills and go the route of the craftsmen and the same time which is the way I took.

My only 2 complaints is that there should have been more skills for assassins and warriors. The other is that the arm to hand animations are odd outside of combat.

MP alone has got me addicted when running with a group. I'd give it a solid 8.5/10 to 9/10.

Bigpappy3797d ago

I am glad to see others are enjoying this game. I bought it day 0ne and 3 days later posted here that is was a good game for people who like Western RPG's. I do realize though that most here done like me because I am a 360 only owner who thinks Kinect is great tech for gaming and otherwise. Don't expect to hear anything different form me about that.

As for two worlds, you may be hard pressed to find a deeper RPG game any time soon. There is just so much to do in this game.

UndeadAreGo3797d ago

Eh, perhaps someday, after I'm done with Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Borderlands.

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