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Beefstew4u3279d ago

Doesn't look half bad. Will have to keep an eye on this one.

Darkfiber3279d ago

I want this game, not because of anything to do with Lord of the Rings, but because I hate hopes that this can replace Baulder's Gate Dark Alliance for console co-op lite-RPG fun. The classes look different than those in the PAX demo, so hopefully that means some customization, even if it's just gender. In this trailer, a human male is the ranger, whereas in the PAX demo, it was a female elf. From what I read in the Gamespot interview, they were pre-determined characters, so either there will be some customization during character creation, or they completely changed the characters around.

Highlife3279d ago

I want this game because it is from Snowblind Studios. My wife and I played the Champion of Norrath games together and there hasn't been a good coop rpg this gen so I hope this one can fill the void.