Why The World Doesn't Need Nintendo.

“I feel so weary…
Ever relentless, mine enemies…
He grows stronger with each battle…
As time goes on, I just grow more tired…

Nothing seems to change…
No matter if I triumph…
Nothing seems to change…
Same Princess, but there’s always another castle.”

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ActionBastard3792d ago

The title alone makes me not want to give them hits...when you have kids, you'll see exactly why the world needs Nintendo.

tinogarza3792d ago

And I'm a father of two.

ActionBastard3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Then you should see the fun and excitement on their faces when they are playing the "same ol same ol". Nintendo, imo, isn't for "us" (by us I mean gamers 25-35 who like a lot of blood, cussing, the occasional tit or even better two). Nintendo games encourage reading, problem solving and have somehow magically made Mario still relevant.

I'm a father of 3 girls. The Wii and 2 DSs are theirs, the PS3 is mine. Simple.

ChickeyCantor3792d ago

"(by us I mean gamers 25-35 who like a lot of blood, cussing, the occasional tit or even better two"

You mean teenagers who pretend to be 25-35 who in reality just hit puberty?

Baka-akaB3792d ago

I semi-agree
where i dont is , that Nintendo is for us too .

it is usually the immature teens who can't leave without gore , cussing and tits in games . Mature players have no issue accepting a mario for what it is , pure gameplay fun , without caring about the look of the hero and the plot .

Corepred43792d ago

It's not that we don't need Nintendo, it's that we need Nintendo to step its damn game up! I like some of the games on the Wii but what happened when it was pushing NES, SNES and N64s out and having great games that everybody wanted. Sell out? IDK I just don't like the way Nintendo went this gen.

stragomccloud3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

@action bastard
I'm 26, and I have no idea what you are talking about.
Wii's my favorite of the 3.

Well said! Kudos!

Unknow_Master3791d ago

im 21 , i dont care about blood violence i dont care about boobs. my gf give me all of these without shelling out 60+tx. im old enought to watch tv or see it myself.
if you want blood violence and sex that much that mean either you have a problem (that make you dangerous)or there is missing someting(that also make you dangerous)

palaeomerus3791d ago

Yeah this is written by the same kind of self obsessed idiot who wants to take Batman and Spider-Man away from the kids and try to tell "mature" stories with them. He was supposed to grow up and get bored with them and move on, leaving them for the kids to enjoy, but instead he wants them to be changed into something they should not be, or just ended altogether because he can't be a kid again.

It's idiotic.

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Active Reload3792d ago

You're just not going to find a game like Zelda, that huge with a puzzle to solve around every corner, on the HD consoles. I'm certainly trying hard to think of a game on the other consoles that hold that type of sensibility. The thing is though, games that look like they're for kids are actually too hard for them. The games that look and obviously are directed towards adults, are way more accessible. FPS or most shooters in general, doesn't take more than moving your fingers and thumbs to make your character shoot an enemy and turn a corner and do it again.

Baka-akaB3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I dont feed articles with troll headlines , however good they might be .

Those are never good anyway when they rely on that crappy trick

andfed3792d ago

Agree, If I have kids one day I dont want them to be playing GTA when they are 9

MeNoRasta3791d ago

Why not?
My children will be rolling spliffs at 8.

fight4lov3792d ago

i dont understand your dumb ass comment. a kid doesn't HAVE to play mario or zelda or any other milked to death nintendo game. not that they are bad games but it it isn't needed as you think.

stragomccloud3791d ago

There is a fundamental difference between milking a franchise to death, and keeping a successful franchise going.

When games like Zelda and Mario have been around for 25 years, of course people are going to accuse the franchise of being milked.

In 20 years, people will say that Microsoft needs to stop milking Halo, and Activision needs to stop milking Call of Duty.

pain777pas3791d ago

Good posts Action Bastard. Nintendo does have the games that I would like my kids and young loved ones to play.

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cyborg3792d ago

must have been born in the 21st century or else he would have killed himself before composing such a ridiculous title.

tinogarza3792d ago

I was born in 1984 and it breaks my heart to feel this way but alas, I do.

schlanz3792d ago

I was born in 84 too but I love Nintendo games.

I finally just started galaxy 2.. what an amazing game. If you have a hard time enjoying a masterpiece such as this you are no gamer in my mind, just a fool.

duplissi3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

i was born in 87 and if nintendo could go back to their roots then i would wholeheartedly disagree, but as they are now... well there arent many redeemable qualities about them now and its sad really.

Baka-akaB3792d ago

I dont see how you can claim they left their roots . They produce some casual stuff , but havent done a 360 turn around (pun not really intended but still) and gone full on casual motion gaming .

I too was pissed at stuff i still consider to be crap like Wii Sports and Music .
But did those title killed in any way their regular core games ? Nope .

Besides Lbp because of its creation oriented aspect, and maybe Braid , super meat boy and Ratchet and Clank , are there truly any platform game more innovative and polished than Galaxy 1-2 ? Not really

Isnt nintendo constantly challenging itself with the metroid serie ? Well yeah , even to mixed feelings with Another M .

I dont see how people can claim they've lost their way , when they keep at their core games and once everywhile still innovate , at least far more than most publishers

N4g_null3791d ago

Tino maybe you don't get why games are fun? It's like how every one tells you you need college in order to start a business when most young millionaires dropped out.

You could actualy say mario is art because it's not about the story they tell it is more about what the gameplay did to you. Have you ever noticed you actualy become more skilled at the game play presented and little challenges come out of no where and glinting was rewarded in Mario 1.

The reason why you guys don't understand this stuff is because it's been absent for two gens. The gamers growing up with the wiu and da right now will understand this better than a ps brand gamer.

The same things you say are the same things pc gamer never understood. Another thing is nintendo is the only real supporter of arcade like game play which values skill and speed over every thing else.

It didn't help that nintendo forgot what made them cool when they made the n64. They got this back with the wii. 3d distracted gaming and this was also killed arcade gaming. 2d gaming made devs more creative. They also didn't need highend pcs to make basic game play. Any one could make a game then and this is what made all the classics I love that many will never see again.

It use to be true that nintendo forgot their way but figuring out 3d gameplay needed more power and the wii is the first hardware that got it right basically due to it's tools. I'm sort of glad they are the last to learn how to do true hd graphics.

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stragomccloud3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )


Last time I checked, Nintendo /has/ gone back to their roots.

Lets see.... in the past year or so, we've had Mario, Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Kirby. We would have had Zelda too, but no Zelda game ever comes out when it's first announced to these days.

Heck, Nintendo even announced a new Kirby game, and revived Kid Icarus. If you don't think that this is representative of the Nintendo of yore, then I mourn your loss of perspective.

SnakeMustDie3792d ago

Wow, I never though I will see the day when people wants to bring Ninty down.

tinogarza3792d ago

Not really no, it's more of a plea for them to become what they once were and not just a selling item. Read it and you'll see what I meant by it.

N4g_null3791d ago

So tell us what where they before?

Remember the power pad or the power glove well that is the wii mote and wii fit perfected.

Remember Mario 3 well Mario 5 just came out.

Remember killer instinct well now we have no more heros and a whole bunch of new ops being created.

I'm willing to believe you don't remember what nintendo was like and you will probably use wikipedia to support you claims. Yet you will be missing the reasons why hardcore gamers loved gaming back then and why hd gamers and ps brand gamers are more like pc gamers trying to justify why they play games by taking them to seriously.

Kon3792d ago

Why the world doesn't need Video Games.

schlanz3792d ago

Well said. Nintendo is synonymous with video games.

This isn't about needs, its about wanting an experience. Rehashes or not Nintendo creates wonderful gaming experiences that the world keeps buying up.

Shok3792d ago


"Why gaming doesnt need innovation."

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