GTA 5: Most Creative Community-Covers

Here's a collection of the best and most creative Community-Covers for Grand Theft Auto 5. Check them out through the link.

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Im still waiting for news on this game..I hope that rock star listened to us gamers and brings back ever thing that was downgraded from the last gta..I want my jet pack, flying air planes(not just looking at them) private jets,fighter jets, chain saw, samuria sword,customize my car,gattling gun.. and thats just to name a few. I blive i am not even close to 10% of what they downgraded. And they should make it more free and fun.

And a better character.

Anarki2816d ago

I didn't even enjoy GT4 at all. I hated the physics when you crashed a car, you would fly for about 20mins and then roll for another 20minutes not to mention the amount of calls you gotten from your cousin.

EliteDave932816d ago

Cant wait for GTA V announce! hopefully E3 2011 :)

Ares84PS32816d ago

I'm sorry but they are total shit.

Xfanboy2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

covers are nice but I like ingame creatives!

GTa 5 god knows what will happen!! Devs would sell this as dlc..

T3MPL3TON 2816d ago

Lol.. GTA London.. I see somebody hasn't played TBoGT. Rockstar has already covered that.

L "Yo, Ton, where you gonna go next bro?"
T "I dunno maybe somewhere exotic.."
L "I here London is really in right now."
T "London!? Fuck no. That place is terrible."

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